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How to Use AI Notes Generator

1. Upload or Start New Recording

Signup for a free ScreenApp Account. Click on the "Upload" button to upload a recorded meeting or video.

To take notes on a live meeting, click "New Recording" button and select the meeting tab.

ScreenApp Notetaker supports Google Meet, Zoom, Team, Slack, Discord and more.

2. Get Instant Transcription

ScreenApp's will immediately transcribe your video, identifying different speakers and generating a highly accurate transcript.

ScreenApp Video Transcription

Once the transcription is complete, you can review and edit it to ensure accuracy. ScreenApp's AI can also help you identify and correct any errors.

3. Get your AI Generated Notes

ScreenApp's AI Video Notetaker can generate concise video notes with just a click. ChatGPT, a powerful AI language model, is used to extract the key points and takeaways from your video, saving you time and effort.

4. Search and Share your notes

ScreenApp's AI Video Notetaker makes it easy to search for specific keywords or phrases within your transcripts. You can also navigate to specific sections of the video using the timestamped key points in the summary.

Search Video Transcript

Bonus Tip: Ask AI questions about your video content directly with ScreenApp's ChatGPT integration to summarize, extract notes or action items.

Ask your video anything with ChatGPT

Benefits of our AI Automatic Notetaker

ScreenApp AI Video Notetaker is a powerful AI-powered video notetaking tool that can help you learn more effectively, save time, stay organized, and collaborate with others. Here are some of the features of ScreenApp AI Video Notetaker:

Learn More Effectively

ScreenApp's AI video notetaker helps you learn more effectively by capturing key information from videos and meetings, even when you're multitasking. AI can automatically transcribe and summarize videos, identify key points, and generate timestamps for screenshots and notes. This makes it easier to understand and retain information, even from long or complex videos.

Save Time

AI video notetakers can save you a lot of time by automating the note-taking process. You no longer have to manually take notes or transcripts, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. AI notetakers can also help you quickly summarize long videos and text, so you can spend less time reviewing and more time learning.

Works in any Meeting App

Struggling to keep track of notes in different meeting platforms? Our powerful AI works seamlessly in the background, capturing everything you discuss  - whether you're using Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or any other popular meeting app.

Faster Note taking with ChatGPT

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to simply chat with the app, providing instructions or asking questions, and it will intelligently capture and organize your notes.

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Usecases of our AI Notetaker

Automatic Note-taking AI for Students

AI Notetaker automatically transcribes and summarizes lectures, letting you focus on grasping the material. Effortlessly revisit key points later for exams by searching past lectures, saving you from hours of reviewing recordings. This AI tool also ensures inclusivity by providing accurate transcripts for everyone, regardless of learning style or ability.

Take AI Notes from a YouTube Video

Our cutting-edge technology can listen to any YouTube video and automatically generate comprehensive notes, allowing you to focus on learning and retaining the information effortlessly.

Supercharge your Meetings

Our AI-powered tool automatically generates detailed meeting minutes for free, saving you time and effort. Our advanced AI algorithms listen to the conversation, identify key points, and create a structured summary of the meeting, ensuring that everyone stays informed and aligned. Works as an automatic Microsoft teams, Zoom, Google Meet AI Note taker.

ScreenApp's AI Video Notetaker FAQ

Is ScreenApp an AI that takes notes for you?

Absolutely! ScreenApp's AI note taker is your personal scribe, capturing words with lightning speed and uncanny accuracy. No more missing key points or scribbling shorthand—focus on the speaker, and let AI handle the rest.

Can ScreenApp's AI take meeting notes?

Team meetings just got smoother. ScreenApp's AI automatically records and transcribes conversations, highlighting key decisions, action items, and speaker insights. ScreenApp will make organized, searchable meeting summaries.

Can I convert my lectures to notes with AI for free?

Yes, ScreenApp's AI transcribes lectures capturing everything you need to know. Review key concepts, identify gaps in understanding, and ace that next exam—all thanks to your AI study buddy.

How does ScreenApp's Notetaker AI work?

ScreenApp will take any recording and turn that into structured, readable timestamped notes without lifiting a finger

Does This AI note taker work with Zoom?

ScreenApp's AI note taker seamlessly integrates with Zoom. Just launch your meeting, hit record, and watch your notes magically appear. If you recorded a Zoom meeting earlier, simply upload the meeting into your account.

Does ScreenApp's chatbot take notes?

Yes, we have a chatbot which allows you to ask a video anything. Similar to ChatGPT but for your recordings.

How is ScreenApp Different from Fireflies, Otter or Tactiq?

While some AI note takers have limited free plans, ScreenApp offers a more comprehensive experience. Capture detailed notes, enjoy integrations, and upgrade smoothly when you're ready for more.

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