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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ScreenApp Safe?

Yes, ScreenApp prioritizes the security of your data. Here's why:
Malware-Free: ScreenApp undergoes regular security checks to ensure it is free from malware and harmful code.
Secure Data Storage: Your recordings are stored on ScreenApp's own servers, providing full control over security and eliminating third-party risks.
Data Encryption: Your data is encrypted both while stored and during transmission, protecting your privacy.
Optional Local Storage: For added security, you can choose to store recordings locally on your device instead of in the cloud.

Can I summarize a video or audio recording with ScreenApp?

Yes, ScreenApp offers a powerful AI summarization feature to streamline your content review process. Once you record or upload to the platform, ScreenApp's AI-powered tools will automatically generate a concise summary of the video. This summary includes both a dot-point overview of key takeaways and timestamps that allow you to jump directly to relevant sections of your video. This functionality saves you valuable time by eliminating the need to manually review entire videos. ScreenApp's summaries let you quickly get the gist of what's being discussed and locate the exact moments you need for reference.

Is ScreenApp an AI that can take notes on a Video and Audio?

Yes, ScreenApp features a powerful AI-driven note-taking system. It can automatically transcribe your videos and create detailed notes. Even further, the AI can pinpoint key moments within the video, summarize vital information, and help you focus on what matters most. This feature is exceptionally valuable for anyone seeking to extract knowledge from recorded meetings, lectures, webinars,

Can I record my Voice and Screen?

Yes! Our AI recorder allows you to capture your voice, screen, any call or meeting, webcam with just a click.

Can I download my recordings?

Yes! ScreenApp is designed to make downloading videos from various websites a seamless process. Our software is compatible with popular video-sharing platforms, social media sites, and even many streaming services. This gives you the flexibility to save videos for offline viewing, reference, or repurposing.

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