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AI Powered Screen Recorder to transcribe and summarize your screen with 1 click.

  1. One click transcription Screen Recording with timestamps.
  2. Transcribe meetings from Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.
  3. Support for transcription in over 40 languages.
  4. AI-powered summaries and action item generation. Powered by ChatGPT
AI Screen RecorderAI Screen Recorder
Trusted by over 250,000 Users
Brands that use ScreenApp, including Nike, Deloitte, Tesla and Foodpanda
Brands that use ScreenApp, including Nike, Deloitte, Tesla and Foodpanda
Brands that use ScreenApp, including Nike, Deloitte, Tesla and Foodpanda

How to use AI Screen Recorder

1. Start on ScreenApp's homepage and click 'Get Started'.

2. Select your preferred recording layout: 'Screen Only', 'Webcam Only', or 'Both'.

3. Adjust audio settings to capture mic, system audio, or both.

4. Press the red 'Start Recording' button, choose what to record (full screen, specific window, or browser tab), and hit 'Share'. After a countdown, recording begins.

5. To stop, press the red button.

6. Find your video in the 'Library', and select 'Transcribe' to turn its audio into text, even distinguishing multiple voices.

7. Use GPT AI to extract insights, summarize discussions, and identify themes.

A video of a screen recording of a design sprint

Benefits of AI Screen Recorder

One of ScreenApp's most impressive features is its transcription capability. As soon as you record your screen, your video will be converted into text, turning spoken words into written text. This function is a boon for anyone looking to review content, extract insights, or maintain a written record of what was discussed during meetings, presentations, or webinars.

It's not just about converting speech into text. ScreenApp also boasts a speaker identification feature that can pinpoint individual speakers in a conversation or presentation. This feature is particularly useful in multi-person meetings or webinars, where it can help maintain clarity in transcription by identifying who said what.

The AI transformation feature of ScreenApp truly sets it apart. Leveraging cutting-edge GPT AI technology, ScreenApp can summarize, simplify, and compare the transcribed content, offering a deeper level of understanding and insight extraction. This feature is especially beneficial in tech tutorials, training sessions, or meetings where there's a lot of information to process.

A video of a screen recording with Ai summarization

Use Cases of AI Screen Recorder

ScreenApp, as an AI-powered screen recorder, opens up an array of exciting use cases. In the realm of transcription, users can instantly convert their recorded videos into text, making it easier to review content, create closed captions, or generate written records of discussions from online meetings or webinars. Its speaker identification feature allows for effective multi-person dialogue tracking, which is particularly useful in corporate conference calls or group webinars where identifying individual speakers is crucial.

With GPT AI technology, ScreenApp can summarize complex content, making it easier for users to digest key points from lengthy videos. This is especially beneficial for educational content where key concepts can be distilled into bite-sized summaries. Additionally, this technology can translate video content into multiple languages, broadening the accessibility of your content for global audiences.

ScreenApp's AI can extract insights from videos, which can be applied to market research, customer feedback analysis, and trend identification. With these capabilities, ScreenApp serves as a powerful tool for a variety of applications, from business communications to educational resources, and more.

Video library on Screen App of Screen recordings, zoom meetings and presentation

Frequently asked Questions about AI Screen Recorder

What is ScreenApp AI Screen Recorder?

ScreenApp is an AI-powered online screen recording tool that offers advanced features like video transcription, speaker identification, and GPT transformation. It provides a platform for users to record, transcribe, and derive insights from their screen content.

How does the transcription feature work?

As soon as you record your screen using ScreenApp, your video will be automatically converted into text. This feature allows you to review and search content more effectively, making it a valuable tool for analyzing instructional videos, presentations, webinars, and meetings.

Can ScreenApp identify different speakers in a video?

Yes! It will diarise and identify speakers. You can then name the speakers to allow your analysis to be accurate.

What is the ChatGPT ScreenApp integration?

ScreenApp leverages GPT AI technology to gather insights from your videos. This feature can summarize, simplify, and compare the content in your videos, transforming them into a valuable knowledge base.

Can ScreenApp translate the transcribed text?

Yes! Simply prompt it to translate into your preferred language.

How secure is the data on ScreenApp?

ScreenApp ensures the security of your content. You can store and share your recordings securely with your team. Anyone from any device can access the team space and edit your recordings with your permission.

Can ScreenApp be integrated into my website or application?

Yes, developers can integrate the ScreenApp Recording Plugin into their websites or applications using a few lines of code.

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