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How to use AI screen recorder

1. Start for free

Head over to the ScreenApp app and sign up for free

2. Choose your recording mode

Select "New Recording" and choose your preferred configuration: screen only, webcam only or both.

3. Optimize your audio

‍ Adjust audio settings to capture your microphone, system audio, or both for a clear, complete recording.

4. Tap Save & Select Area

‍ Click the red “Start Recording” button and choose what you want to capture: full screen, specific window or browser tab.

5. Record your screen

‍ Make your magic work! When ready, click the red button again to stop recording

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6. Access & Edit your video

‍ Find your video in the ScreenApp library. It will be automatically transcribed with the audio converted to text!

7. Summarize & Analyze

‍ Go beyond simple registration! Use ScreenApp’s “Summarize” or “Ask AI” features to extract key information, summarize discussions, and identify key topics.

Benefits of AI Screen Recorder


  • Automatic transcription: Transcribe videos to text for better accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing viewers, improve SEO with text search, and make reviewing easier for everyone.
  • Caption Generation: Automatically generate subtitles for improved accessibility and viewing experience , especially for non-native speakers.
  • Content Summary: Generate summaries of video content for faster review and information extraction , ideal for busy professionals and students.
  • Speaker Identification: Identify individual speakers in multi-person conversations for clearer communication and easy reference in meetings, webinars and interviews.
  • Chapter Creation: Automatically generate chapters based on the structure of the video for easier navigation and access to specific sections .
  • Removing filler words: Remove unnecessary words like "um" and "like" for concise and professional presentations and tutorials.

Productivity and efficiency

  • Automated Workflows: AI streamlines the video creation process by automating transcription, summary writing, and editing tasks.
  • Faster content creation: Quickly create transcriptions and summaries for faster review, distribution and learning.
  • Improved search and retrieval: Easily find specific information in videos by keyword searching transcripts and summaries.
  • Improved collaboration: Share transcriptions and summaries with colleagues to improve communication and understanding.

Analysis and information

  • Content Analysis: Extract key insights and data from video content by analyzing transcripts and summaries powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Analyze the sentiment of spoken words to understand audience engagement and reaction to content.
  • Topic Modeling: Identify key topics and topics covered in videos to better organize, categorize and recommend them.

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Who is AI Screen Recorder for?

Business and Education:

  • Record and transcribe presentations: Improve accessibility for viewers, generate transcripts for webinars and online courses, capture key information and share with team members.
  • Create engaging educational videos: Add subtitles and tag speakers to aid learning, summarize complex topics with GPT AI technology, and extract key insights for later analysis.
  • Optimize training and onboarding: Develop informative and accessible training videos with captions and speaker identification, and ensure consistent communication across teams.
  • Record and analyze meetings: Capture key decisions and discussions, identify actions to take, and improve collaboration and communication.
  • Produce Multilingual Videos: Reach a global audience with machine translation and subtitles, expand your brand and market reach.

Marketing and Content Creation:

  • Record and transcribe product demos and tutorials: Help customers learn more about your products easily, increase customer satisfaction and reduce support requests.
  • Create podcasts and video interviews: Engage your audience with visually appealing content, foster audience connection, and build community.
  • Capture and share gaming footage: Entertain your viewers and promote your gaming channel, build a loyal fan base and increase engagement.
  • Record and share live events: Broadcast events globally in real-time, reach a wider audience and generate excitement.
  • Produce video marketing materials: Create impactful and engaging marketing campaigns, capture attention and increase conversions.

Capture and analyze all conversations

  • Record and transcribe meetings and conferences: Capture every detail and identify key points, improve learning and increase productivity.
  • Create training videos with optional captions and speaker identification: Provide your employees with essential knowledge and ensure clear understanding.
  • Record customer testimonials and case studies: Build trust and social proof, attract new customers and highlight success stories.
  • Capture gameplay footage and other creative content: Share your passion and skills with the world, build community, and inspire others.

Your professional video studio

  • Record and transcribe webinars: Make your online events accessible and engaging for attendees, increase reach and engagement.
  • Create online courses with captions and speaker identification: Deliver high-quality educational content to students around the world, increase knowledge retention and reduce barriers to learning.
  • Produce Podcasts and Video Interviews: Share your expertise and engage your audience on a deeper level, develop your thought leadership and attract new followers.
  • Create video marketing materials: Capture attention and generate leads with engaging video content, stand out from the competition and achieve your marketing goals.
  • Capture live events and stream them online: Share your event with a global audience, connect with viewers in real time, and create a lasting impression.

ScreenApp's AI Screen Recorder FAQ

What makes ScreenApp so special?

We are not just an ordinary screen recorder. AI is our secret! We automatically transcribe your recordings, summarize key points, and even extract insights like names, dates, and actions to take. Think of us as your personal video assistant, always ready to make your life easier.

How does the AI ​​summary feature work?

Our AI brain analyzes the content and context of your recordings. It identifies the most important parts, generates concise summaries, and even highlights key points. It's like having a shortened version of your video, ready in an instant!

Can I trim videos based on transcription?

Absolutely! ScreenApp lets you trim your recordings based on the automatically generated transcript. Only need the marketing strategies section? No problem! Just click and cut, and we'll take care of the rest.

Do I need to download something?

No! ScreenApp works entirely online , directly in your browser. No downloads, no installations, just pure magic at your fingertips.

Still have questions?

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