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WhatsApp Call Recorder

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How to Use WhatsApp Call Recorder

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ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder is the most convenient and user-friendly way to record your WhatsApp calls.

With ScreenApp, you can:

  • Record WhatsApp video calls with audio
  • Record WhatsApp voice calls
  • Save recordings in high-quality MP4 format
  • Share recordings easily with friends and family
  • Transcribe recordings to text

Getting started with ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder is easy:

  1. Download and install ScreenApp on your device.
  2. Open ScreenApp and grant it the necessary permissions.
  3. Enable call recording in ScreenApp's settings.
  4. Start a WhatsApp call and the recording will start automatically.

To stop recording, simply tap the ScreenApp button on your screen.

Your recordings will be saved in the ScreenApp Recordings folder on your device.

ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder is completely free to use. There are no ads and no in-app purchases.

Download ScreenApp today and start recording your WhatsApp calls!

Benefits of WhatsApp Call Recorder

Free and Easy WhatsApp Call Recording

With ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder, you can easily record your WhatsApp calls for free.

Record Any WhatsApp Call

Whether it's a personal conversation, a business meeting, or an important interview, you can record any WhatsApp call with ease using ScreenApp's recorder.

High-Quality Audio Recording

Enjoy crystal-clear audio recordings that capture every detail of your WhatsApp calls.

Unlimited Recording

Record as many WhatsApp calls as you want without any limits or restrictions.

Cloud Storage and Playback

Your recorded WhatsApp calls are automatically stored in the cloud, making it easy to access and listen to them anytime, anywhere.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share your recorded WhatsApp calls with friends, family, and colleagues using a variety of sharing options, including email, social media, and messaging apps.

Who is WhatsApp Call Recorder for?

WhatsApp Call Recorder Perfect for Anyone Who:

Business Professionals: Record important client calls to capture key details, improve customer service, and enhance communication.

Remote Workers: Stay connected with colleagues and clients by recording virtual meetings, interviews, and discussions.

Educators and Trainers: Easily record online classes, lectures, and training sessions for easy reference and sharing with students.

Podcasters and Content Creators: Capture high-quality audio for podcasts, interviews, and other content creation projects.

Legal Professionals: Document conversations related to cases, client discussions, and legal proceedings.

Sales Professionals: Record sales calls to analyze performance, improve sales techniques, and track customer interactions.

Students: Record lectures, study sessions, and group discussions for effective note-taking and exam preparation.

ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder FAQ

How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone?

ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder offers an easy-to-use solution for recording WhatsApp calls on iPhones. With our app, you can effortlessly capture both incoming and outgoing calls with just a few taps.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android?

Our WhatsApp Call Recorder app also supports Android devices, allowing you to seamlessly record your WhatsApp calls with high-quality audio. Follow our simple steps to set up the app and start recording your conversations.

Is ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder Legal?

The legality of recording WhatsApp calls varies from country to country. We recommend checking your local laws and regulations to ensure you are in compliance before using our app. In many cases, it's essential to obtain consent from the other party before recording a call.

How Secure is ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder?

We take your privacy very seriously. ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder uses industry-standard encryption to protect your recordings, ensuring your conversations remain confidential.

Can I Record WhatsApp Video Calls?

Currently, our app only supports audio recording for WhatsApp calls. We are working on adding video call recording capabilities in future updates.

Is ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder Free?

ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder offers a free trial period, allowing you to test the app before committing to a subscription. After the trial period, you can choose from various subscription plans to continue using the app.

What File Format Are the Recordings Saved In?

Your recorded WhatsApp calls are saved in high-quality MP3 format, ensuring clear and intelligible audio.

Can I Save Recordings to My Device?

Yes, ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder allows you to save your recordings to your device's storage or your preferred cloud storage service.

Can I Share Recordings with Others?

Yes, you can easily share your recorded WhatsApp calls with others via email, messaging apps, or social media platforms.

Is ScreenApp's WhatsApp Call Recorder Compatible with My Device?

Our WhatsApp Call Recorder app is compatible with a wide range of Android and iOS devices. Check our website for a complete list of supported devices.

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