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How to Use Record Audio on your PC

Easily capture audio with 1 click on your PC right inside Chrome

1. Create a Free ScreenApp Account and Click the Microphone

Record Audio with one click

2. Stop Recording

Stop or pause your recording

3. Enjoy Your Captured Audio

Your audio recording will be automatically saved within ScreenApp.
  • Your audio will be transcribed with clickable timestamps for easy navigation
  • We will summarize and take notes of your audio with AI
  • Sharing: Share your audio recordings or transcripts directly from ScreenApp with others.

Benefits using ScreenApp's Online Audio Recorder

Convenient and Accessible

ScreenApp eliminates the need for additional software downloads. As an online tool, you can access and record audio from any device with an internet connection, offering greater flexibility and ease of use.


ScreenApp offers a free plan, catering to users seeking a cost-effective solution for their audio recording needs. This can be particularly appealing for casual users or those on a budget.


Whether you're using a PC, Mac, or Chromebook, ScreenApp functions seamlessly across various operating systems. This ensures compatibility and eliminates compatibility concerns.


ScreenApp goes beyond basic microphone recording. It allows you to capture audio from various sources, including your computer, browser, and streaming services. This versatility caters to diverse audio recording needs.

User-friendly Interface

ScreenApp prioritizes a user-friendly design. The intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and use, even for those unfamiliar with audio recording software.

High-quality Audio

ScreenApp prioritizes capturing clear and high-quality audio recordings. This ensures your recordings sound professional and polished.

Private and Secure

Understanding the importance of data privacy, ScreenApp implements measures to safeguard the privacy and security of your recorded audio files. This provides peace of mind for users concerned about sensitive information.

Uses of our Online Audio Recorder

Recording audio from a computer or desktop

  • Podcasts & Audio Content: Easily create high-quality audio for your podcast or any other audio project directly from your browser.
  • Lectures, Meetings, & Conferences: Capture important audio from lectures, meetings, or online conferences for future reference or sharing.
  • System Sounds & Applications: Record specific sounds from your computer system or any software application for troubleshooting or demonstration purposes.
  • Gameplay Audio: Effortlessly record audio while playing games, perfect for creating gaming content or walkthroughs.

Recording voice or vocal audio online

  • Voice-Over Projects: Produce narration or voice-over recordings for videos, presentations, or other creative projects.
  • Online Vocal Lessons & Coaching: Record your voice during online vocal lessons or coaching sessions to track your progress.
  • Audio Notes & Memos: Capture quick voice notes or memos for yourself or to share with others.
  • Audio Messages & Greetings: Record personalized audio messages or greetings for voicemail, emails, or other uses.

Capturing streaming audio

  • Live Streams & Webinars: Record live streams, webinars, or online events for later playback or reference.
  • Music & Online Audio Platforms: Capture audio from online music platforms or streaming services (where permitted by terms of service).
  • Archiving Online Audio Content: Preserve online audio content like podcasts, radio shows, or other audio streams.

Recording browser audio

  • Websites & Web Applications: Record audio directly from websites or web applications for tutorials, demonstrations, or capturing specific content.
  • Online Meetings & Conferences: Easily capture audio from your online meetings or conferences for future reference or sharing.
  • Online Tutorials & Courses: Record audio from online tutorials or courses for offline review or creating study materials.

General online audio recording

  • Multimedia Projects: Record audio for presentations, videos, or other multimedia projects directly in your web browser.
  • Personal & Professional Use: Create audio files for a variety of personal or professional needs.
  • Transcription & Translation: Record audio for transcription services or for translation purposes.

Recording audio from specific sources

  • Microphone or External Input: Use your computer's microphone or an external audio input device for recording.
  • Webcam & Video Conferencing: Capture audio from your webcam or video conferencing tool during online calls or meetings.
  • Smartphone or Mobile Device: Record audio directly from your smartphone or mobile device using our online recorder.

ScreenApp's Record Audio in Chrome FAQ

How can I record audio from my computer or desktop?

You can use our online audio recorder to capture system sounds, application audio, or any audio played through your computer's speakers or headphones. Simply visit our website, grant microphone permissions, and start recording.

Can I record my voice or vocals online?

Absolutely! Our tool is designed to record high-quality audio from your microphone, making it perfect for recording voice-overs, podcasts, vocal lessons, or any other vocal content.

Is it possible to record streaming audio?

Yes, our online audio recorder can capture audio from live streams, webinars, music platforms, and other online sources. This feature is particularly useful for archiving or repurposing audio content from the web.

How do I record audio from websites or browsers?

Simply navigate to the website or web application you want to record audio from, and our tool will capture the audio playing in your browser. This is handy for recording tutorials, online meetings, or any browser-based audio content.

Can I use your tool to record audio for free?

Yes, we offer a free plan that allows you to record audio online without any cost. You can also upgrade to our premium plans for additional features and longer recording durations.

What audio formats does your recorder support?

Our online audio recorder can export files in popular formats like MP3, WAV, and others, ensuring compatibility with various audio editing software and media players.

Is your audio recorder compatible with my operating system?

‍Our tool is web-based and compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, as long as you have an updated web browser.

Can I record audio from my microphone or external audio sources?

‍Absolutely! Our recorder can capture audio from any microphone or external audio input connected to your computer, allowing you to record high-quality audio from professional equipment.

How do I share or export the recorded audio files?

‍After recording, you can easily download the audio file to your computer or share it directly with others through a shareable link or integration with cloud storage services.

Can multiple users collaborate on audio recordings?

Yes, our tool supports real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to participate in the same audio recording session remotely, making it ideal for podcasting, interviews, or remote team meetings.

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