Top 11 Online Proctoring Software 2023: Ensuring Exam Integrity

by Andre Smith
Last Updated:
November 3, 2023
Top 11 Online Proctoring Software 2023: Ensuring Exam Integrity
In an increasingly digital era, maintaining the integrity of exams has become a paramount concern for educational institutions and organizations alike. As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for reliable online proctoring software that can effectively monitor and deter cheating. With that in mind, we have curated a list of the 10 best online proctoring software options for 2023, ensuring that exam integrity remains uncompromised in this ever-changing landscape.



Online proctoring is the use of technology to monitor and supervise online exams. It has become increasingly popular in recent years as schools and businesses have shifted to remote learning and work.

There are three main types of online proctoring:

  • Live proctoring: This involves a human proctor monitoring the exam in real time. This is the most expensive and time-consuming type of proctoring, but it is also the most effective.
  • Recorded proctoring: This involves recording the exam session and reviewing it later for any signs of cheating. This is less expensive than live proctoring, but it is not as effective, as the proctor cannot intervene if a student is cheating.
  • Automated proctoring: This uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor the exam session for signs of cheating. This is the most affordable type of proctoring, but it is also the least effective, as AI can be fooled.

Why Screen Recording is the Best Online Proctoring Method

Screen recording is the best online proctoring method because it combines the benefits of live and recorded proctoring without the drawbacks. It allows you to record the entire exam session, so you can review it later for any signs of cheating. However, unlike recorded proctoring, you can also intervene if you see a student cheating.

Additionally, screen recording is more effective than automated proctoring because AI can be fooled. For example, a student could use a fake webcam to cheat on an automated proctoring exam. However, this would not be possible with screen recording, as you would be able to see the student's entire screen.

Benefits of Screen Recording for Online Proctoring

  • Accurate proctoring: Screen recording is the most accurate online proctoring method because it allows you to see the student's entire screen and record the entire exam session. This means that you can catch any signs of cheating, even if the student is trying to be clever.
  • Cost-effective: Screen recording is a cost-effective online proctoring method because it does not require a live proctor. This means that you can save money on proctoring costs.
  • Easy to use: Screen recording is an easy-to-use online proctoring method. There are many screen recording tools available, and most are user-friendly.
  • Scalable: Screen recording is a scalable online proctoring method. You can use it to proctor exams for any number of students.

Best Online Proctoring Tools Review 2023

1. ScreenApp: Online Screen Recorder

ScreenApp is a proctoring web software that enables users to record their screens and generate a shareable link using advanced GPT AI technology. This particular method of proctoring allows educators to have full access to students’ recordings in one place, without the hassle of extracting recordings onto their personal computers. These cloud-hosted recordings can be shared among educators to peer review candidate performances and ensure a fair grading.

Key Features:

  • Cloud storage
  • In-built AI transcription tool
  • Provides in-depth analysis and reviews
  • Uses multimedia to proctor
  • Human-decision driven
  • User-friendly interface
  • Able to Authenticate ID

Proctoring Related Specifications

Timed Questions for Recording: With the timed questions feature, ScreenApp brings a dynamic level of control and realism to the examination process. Instructors can set specific durations for each question, thus recreating the pressure and time management aspects of an in-person examination. This allows for a more authentic assessment of a student's knowledge and skills within a time-limited context.

Hidden Questions: To increase the rigor and unpredictability of the testing experience, ScreenApp provides a hidden questions feature. This allows instructors to embed surprise questions within the test, which are only revealed at the right time. This ensures students are truly understanding the material, rather than merely memorizing it, and stimulates critical and on-the-spot thinking.

Examination Deadlines: ScreenApp incorporates the critical element of deadlines to provide a holistic examination environment. Deadlines for exams can be set and managed with precision, ensuring students are held accountable for timely submissions. This reinforces important real-world skills like time management and punctuality.

Advanced Dashboard to Manage Exam Links: ScreenApp's advanced dashboard provides an easy and intuitive interface for instructors to manage all aspects of their exams. This includes generating, sharing, and managing exam links. The streamlined process simplifies test administration, saving valuable time and energy for educators.

No Signup Required for Candidates or Students: ScreenApp is designed to be as accessible and convenient as possible. Candidates and students do not need to go through a lengthy sign-up process to take an exam. They can simply click on the provided link and start their test. This feature eliminates unnecessary hurdles and makes online testing a breeze for both students and teachers.

ChatGPT Powered to Assess Speech Skills: In a groundbreaking development, ScreenApp has incorporated ChatGPT, a sophisticated language model developed by OpenAI, to assess speech skills. This tool can evaluate a student's speech for clarity, coherence, and vocabulary, making it an invaluable tool for language learning and public speaking courses. It brings an unprecedented level of objectivity and accuracy to speech assessment.

Can be Hosted with Plugin and Integrated with LMS Systems: Flexibility is key in today's digital world, and ScreenApp offers just that. It can be hosted using a plugin and easily integrated into a variety of Learning Management System (LMS) platforms. This ensures seamless adoption and operation, no matter what system a school or institution is currently using. This feature further enhances ScreenApp's convenience and utility for educators and institutions alike.


ScreenApp offers a free trial, as well as a multitude of subscription packages. It has a basic monthly subscription $15 for business users. ScreenApp is functional and efficient in capturing data during the proctoring process.

2. Honorlock Online Proctoring: Proctored Exams Made Easy

Honorlock Online Proctoring: Proctored Exams Made Easy

Honorlock contains a combination of AI software with those live test proctors. Decisions are driven using data from artificial intelligence, unlike other software which may rely on human decision-making. Honorlock is also used in the corporate sector to implement remote proctoring for businesses to validate the critical competencies of employees or job candidates and to protect the integrity of certification exams.

Key Features:

  • Easy Integration of LMS
  • Efficient ID verification
  • AI proctoring and Human review (Live Proctor Pop-In)
  • Student Support available 24/7/365
  • Privacy maintained via FERPA

It is worth noting that Honorlock cannot directly monitor secondary devices or network traffic other than that of the student’s computer.


Although Honorlock provides Demo use on their website, their pricing is tied to the Exam governing institute and can vary depending on the number of users and hours spent on the exam. There are no free features available at the moment.

3. Proctorio: Securing the Integrity of Online Assessments

Proctorio: Securing the Integrity of Online Assessments

Proctorio is a comprehensive remote proctoring service offering ID verification and exam-proctoring services. Proctorio has the lowest bandwidth requirements in the industry and prioritizes user privacy and security with end-to-end encryption. Its browser extension integrates seamlessly with most LMS and most other third-party assessment platforms.

Key features:

  • Customizable Lockdown settings.
  • Access to human support 24/7/365
  • Live Proctor Pop-In
  • Audio/Video algorithms detect open book/notes/browser activity, other people in the room, and unusual behaviors


Offers free trials and is generally free if LMS is integrated with Canvas. Pricing is either $5 per student for each exam, or $60 per student for a semester, depending on the exam governing body.

4. Examity Online Proctoring: Flexible & Secure

Examity Online Proctoring: Flexible & Secure

Examity has a human-centric approach, allowing clients to choose the proctoring level that best suits their needs. It serves most secondary education institutions, and the corporate sector and may even be used in organizations that deal with enterprise testing.

Key Features:

  • Enables both Auto and Live proctoring
  • Efficient ID verification
  • Driven by AI
  • Is supported on Mobile and PC
  • Easy-to-navigate Interface.
  • Has its in-built curriculum manager


Does not offer a free trial. Pricing varies according to the Exam governing body and payment can be made in installments. Examity is known for its easy integration with LMS, however, it is only compatible with Chrome.

5. Talview: AI-Powered Interviewing and Proctoring Platform

 Talview: AI-Powered Interviewing and Proctoring Platform

Talview is an end-to-end, AI-powered hiring and proctoring software developed initially to assist the corporate sector. It unifies how organizations screen, interview, and assess top candidates and learners. In recent times, it has been adapted by universities and schools to proctor exams held virtually. It provides a simple yet engaging experience for all parties involved. It uses multiple digital mediums to ensure dishonest and suspicious behavior are limited, if not eradicated.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Multiple Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)
  • Multiple Languages can be used
  • Exam scheduling
  • Internal Chat Integration
  • Self-service Portal


Talview provides a free trial for first-time users and is on the more affordable side of the spectrum. Although it is worth mentioning that its software is difficult to navigate on mobile.

6. Mercer | Mettl Assessments: Online Talent Assessment and Proctoring

Mercer  Mettl Assessments Online Talent Assessment and Proctoring

Mercer | Mettl's platform and proctoring software is an end-to-end digital system that allows for the automation of examinations. It includes both reviewing of recorded sessions as well as the option to be assessed by human proctors. This system is used by universities across the globe as it is powered by an AI-based automatic assessor that prevents cheating through obvious means. It is known for flagging all suspicious behavior after careful vigilance.

Key Features:

  • Works on Low Internet Bandwidth without compromising on service
  • Accommodates assessments such as STT, RPL, NAPS & Bloom
  • Image Recognition
  • Reference Checking
  • Strict Examinee Authentication policies


A free demo is available on request and the pricing depends on the exam governing body. Mercer is a proctoring software that is considered relatively expensive and many first-timers are likely to feel intimidated by the over-saturated User Interface.

7. ProctorTrack: Trusted Exam Integrity

ProctorTrack: Trusted Exam Integrity

Proctortrack is an online proctoring software that allows for the automation of proctoring via the use of AI, especially relating to online testing of K-12 examinations. It can easily be integrated into Learning Management Systems to increase the coalition of an online exam and assessment process, specifically in the case of programs governed by external accreditation bodies. It also allows for the verification of student identity during examinations.

Key Features:

  • Comes with 5 specifiable proctoring tools
  • Automated ID verification
  • No human intervention required
  • Compatible with Mobile
  • High monitoring capacity
  • Equipped with QA manual review with high levels of accuracy


ProctorTrack offers a free demo upon request and utilizes subscription plans for convenience. ProctorTrack is also known for the discounts they dispense in the first year of use and is considered to be on the affordable end of the pricing spectrum.

8. Uxpertise XP: Online Exams Auto-Proctoring Solutions

Uxpertise XP: Online Exams Auto-Proctoring Solutions

Uxpertise enables proctoring on a web-hosted portal. It allows for the creation of exam applications for training in the corporate sector, education, and certification. It blocks all fraudulent activities and sends the browser into lockdown such that other software cannot be used during the exams.

Key Features:

  • Ability to schedule tests
  • Automated Proctoring and Grading
  • Enables use of Multiple Languages
  • Easy Integration into LMS


Uxpertise is a web-based software and is priced at a pay-per-use rate. There is a free trial available for first-time users.

9. Examsoft: Learning Assessment Tools & Software

Examsoft: Learning Assessment Tools & Software

Examsoft is a software that allows for heightened exam security and integrity in education and certification institutions. It provides administrators with insight to improve the performance of candidates and helps them implement the regulation in psychometrics, grading systems, exam-making, and assessment.

Key Features:

  • Easy candidate management
  • Allows for Certification and Licensing assessments
  • Enables the creation of Customizable Reports
  • Automatic Grading system in place.


ExamSoft does not offer a free trial, however, it is considered to be on the more affordable end of the pricing spectrum as it offers a unique $60 subscription for the full academic year. Most universities partnered with ExamSoft allow for payments to be made in term-based installments.

10. ExamMonitor: Remote Proctoring with Professional Review

ExamMonitor: Remote Proctoring with Professional Review

ExamMonitor is a software developed specifically to tackle fraudulent activities that may occur in schools, at testing centers, and at corporate training sessions. It uses AI as well as audio and video monitoring tools during the proctoring process. Human proctors are assigned to review exam data and flag potential cheating attempts. It is compatible with most devices and operating systems.

Key Features:

  • Compatible for Multi-user usage
  • Includes Automatic and Customizable assessments.
  • Reports are reviewed by humans


ExamMonitor offers free demos upon request. The pricing depends on the structure devised by the exam governing body.

11. ProctorEdu: Online Proctoring Software and Online Test Monitoring

ProctorEdu: Online Proctoring Software and Online Test Monitoring

ProctorEdu is a software built to proctor exams of high caliber. It is based online and utilizes the use of multimedia and allows the intervention of human proctors where necessary. Proctors can either be allotted or randomly assigned to minimize bias. It is worth noting that proctors are allowed to communicate with candidates to answer any queries or concerns.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Screen recording
  • Easy Integration of LMS
  • Enables use of Multiple languages
  • Allows for Automatic Grading
  • Presence of a Monitored Live Chat between the proctor and the student


ProctorEdu does not offer a free trial, but it is priced at $20 per month. It also comes in a yearly package priced at $109.95. While it is considerably pricier than most proctoring tools mentioned on this list, it is among the most commonly used proctoring software in universities for its easy administration and user-friendly interface.


Online Proctoring software continues to enable remote learning and facilitate ease of access to education across the globe. A vast majority of higher education institutions have mandated the use of digital education and enabled faster, more transparent, and startlingly accurate administering and grading of exams.

Although it’s difficult to conclude at the moment, a time where Online Proctoring may become the norm does not seem too far-fetched with the rapid development of AI technology in recent years. It is possible that AI-assisted proctoring will take precedence over human proctoring as it is proven to be cost and time efficient.

While most tools highlighted in this article are convenient, they serve different purposes and are customizable, according to the requirements of the subject. Educators across the globe are encouraged to explore all options available to ensure a smooth transition into online proctoring and adapt accordingly to tools that best fit their fields of study.

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