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Get a summary of any video. Simply upload a video like a lecture, webinar, meeting or bootcamp, and our AI will transcribe and summarize it for you.

  1. Transcribe imported video files with timestamps.
  2. Powered by ChatGPT
  3. One-click transcription from screen recordings.
  4. Transcribe meetings from Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.
  5. Support for transcription in over 40 languages.
  6. AI-powered summaries and action item generation.
Free Video SummarizerFree Video Summarizer
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Brands that use ScreenApp, including Nike, Deloitte, Tesla and Foodpanda
Brands that use ScreenApp, including Nike, Deloitte, Tesla and Foodpanda
Brands that use ScreenApp, including Nike, Deloitte, Tesla and Foodpanda

How to use Video Summarizer


Upload your video: To use the video summarizer feature in ScreenApp, the first step is to upload or record your video onto the platform. You can do this by clicking on the "Upload" or "New Recording" button on the dashboard and selecting the video file from your computer.


Choose the summarization option: Once your video is uploaded, you can select the summarization option from the menu. ScreenApp offers different summarization options such as key points, highlights, and summary. Choose the option that best suits your needs or write your own prompt.

Upload any mp4, MKV, WMV or AVI

Wait for the summarization process: After selecting the summarization option, ScreenApp will start processing your video to generate a summary. This process may take a few seconds depending on the length of your video.

Summarize, extract action items, translate or condense a video

Review the summary: Once the summarization process is complete, you can review the summary generated by ScreenApp. The summary will highlight the key points and highlights of your video, making it easier for you to understand the content.

You summarize your video and export it to any platform

Share and export: Finally, you can share the summary with your team or export it as a separate file. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to quickly review the content of a long video or share the key points with others.

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Benefits of Video Summarizer

ScreenApp streamlines your video experience with features like screen recording, transcription, and content search.

Ideal for content creators, educators, and professionals, ScreenApp's intuitive interface makes video management effortless and elevates content quality.

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Use Cases of Video Summarizer

ScreenApp's video summarizer feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to save time and increase productivity. With the ability to automatically generate concise summaries of lengthy videos, companies can quickly extract key information without having to watch the entire video. This is particularly useful for training sessions, webinars, and meetings where time is of the essence. Additionally, the video summarizer can be used to create engaging promotional content by highlighting the most important aspects of a product or service. By leveraging ScreenApp's video summarizer, businesses can streamline their video content and improve their overall efficiency.

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Frequently asked Questions about Video Summarizer

What is ScreenApp video summarizer?

ScreenApp Video Summarizer is a free tool to automatically generate a timestamped summary of a longer video. It extracts the most important information and presents it in a shorter format, making it easier for viewers to quickly understand the main points of the video.

How does ScreenApp's video summarizer work?

ScreenApp's video summarizer uses advanced algorithms to analyze the content of a video and identify the most important information. It then creates a summary that includes key phrases and highlights, making it easy for viewers to quickly understand the main points of the video.

What are the benefits of using a video summarizer?

Using a video summarizer can save time and improve productivity by allowing viewers to quickly understand the main points of a video without having to watch the entire thing. It can also be useful for creating summaries of longer videos for presentations or reports.

Can ScreenApp's video summarizer be used for any type of video?

Yes, ScreenApp's video summarizer can be used for any type of video, including webinars, training videos, and presentations. It is particularly useful for longer videos that may be difficult to watch in their entirety.

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