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How to Use ScreenApp's Online Video Recorder

  1. Click "Start Recording" and allow webcam access
  2. Click the Record button to start capturing video
  3. Click Stop when finished and view or edit your video
  4. Save your recording, instantly!

Benefits of our Online Webcam and Video Recorder

  • Easy-to-use online video recorder that requires no downloads or installs - simply use your web browser to record
  • Capture high-quality video recordings from your webcam with the click of a button
  • Perfect free online camera and video recording solution for content creators, students, professionals and more
  • Instantly record and share videos online using your computer's camera
  • Combine webcam recording with screen recording for more engaging video content
  • Utilize a free, full-featured video recorder online with editing tools and cloud storage

Who Can Benefit From This Free Online Video Recording Tool?

Teachers and Educators

Easily create video lessons, tutorials, and online courses by recording your webcam and screen. Perfect for remote teaching and flipped classrooms.

Students and Learners

Record presentations, projects, speeches, and assignments using your computer's camera. Collaborate on group projects by recording and sharing videos online.

Content Creators and Influencers

Quickly record professional-looking vlogs, product reviews, unboxing videos, and more using just your webcam. Edit and enhance your videos with built-in tools.

Business Professionals

Record personalized sales pitches, product demos, and client testimonials. Host webinars and remote meetings by recording your screen and camera simultaneously.

Trainers and Instructional Designers

Develop engaging video training content, software tutorials, and walkthrough guides. Easily create and share onboarding and training materials.

Marketers and Advertisers

Produce promotional videos, social media content, and video ads. Record and share customer success stories and case studies.

Recruiters and Interviewers

Record and review candidate interviews, job descriptions, and company culture videos. Streamline your remote hiring process with recorded video interviews.

Anyone Looking for a Free and Easy Video Recording Solution

ScreenApp is the perfect online video recorder for anyone needing a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to record and share webcam videos. No technical skills required!

ScreenApp's Video Webcam Recorder FAQ

Is ScreenApp really free to use? Are there any hidden costs?

Yes, ScreenApp is 100% free to use for all your video recording needs. There are no hidden fees, subscriptions, or paid upgrades required.

What types of videos can I record with ScreenApp?

With ScreenApp, you can record your webcam, your screen, or both simultaneously. This allows you to create talking head videos, screencasts, software tutorials, video presentations, and more.

Do I need a special camera or microphone to use ScreenApp?

No special equipment is needed! ScreenApp works with your computer's built-in webcam and microphone. However, you can use an external camera or mic if desired for higher quality audio and video.

Is there a watermark on the videos I record?

No, ScreenApp doesn't add any watermarks or branding to your videos. Your recorded videos are clean and professional-looking.

How long can my videos be? Is there a limit to the number of recordings?

There are no limits on recording length or the number of videos you can create. Record and save as many short or long videos as you need!

Can I edit and enhance my videos after recording them?

Yes, ScreenApp includes basic editing tools that allow you to trim your video, add captions, insert images and slides, and more. You can polish your videos before sharing them.

How secure and private are my recorded videos?

ScreenApp uses secure encryption and stores your videos privately in the cloud. You control who can view your videos by sharing private links only with intended recipients.

Can I download my videos to my computer?

Yes, in addition to saving and sharing your videos online, you also have the option to download your recordings as MP4 files for offline use and backup purposes.

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