Redefining Financial Knowledge Access

Streamlining Communication and Knowledge Sharing

Project Alfred is an accounting firm established by founders Liam and Amy, who were driven by their combined experience of nearly 30 years in the accounting industry to provide more than just compliance and annual tax planning. They aspire to become growth-minded financial partners who offer proactive solutions, save their clients' time and money, and support them at every stage of their business journey.

Their team leverages financial know-how and automation to help businesses grow. They consider their clients' time as their most valuable resource and strive to provide them with additional time. They firmly believe in making financial knowledge accessible and serve as partners in the business journey of their clients, collaborating on plans to help them achieve their goals. At Project Alfred, automation and technology are best friends, constantly seeking new ways to streamline processes.

Project Alfred

The Challenge: Dispersed Knowledge and Slow Communication

As an extension of their clients' teams, Project Alfred's experts had to be on their toes, ready to provide advice, share knowledge, or solve issues at a moment's notice. Prior to their encounter with ScreenApp, they used Loom for video-based communication. However, this platform proved to be less efficient than desired. Starting a recording, going through the process, and sharing it with the team took more time than they could afford. Additionally, the offshore team struggled with English, which sometimes led to miscommunication and confusion. This challenge became even more critical as Project Alfred aimed to develop a comprehensive "Knowledge Hub" for both their team and their clients.

The Solution

Liam, a founder at Project Alfred, found an innovative solution to their communication problem in ScreenApp. The platform's streamlined approach to screen recording and sharing became a game changer for the firm. It allowed Liam to share his thoughts and explain complex processes using screen share. With a simple click, he could start recording, demonstrate the process, and share the link with his team.

ScreenApp's transcription service proved to be a boon for their offshore team. The automatic generation of transcriptions allowed the team members, for whom English was not the first language, to understand the shared information better. ScreenApp's speed and convenience won over the team at Project Alfred. It began to replace Loom in their regular communication.

The potential of ScreenApp became even more evident as Project Alfred started using the platform to build their Knowledge Hub. With ScreenApp, they could record solutions to commonly asked queries, like connecting Stripe to Xero with a bank feeder, and share the link instead of repeating the process every time. This repository of resources saved them precious time and ensured that the information was consistent and accessible.

Liam McNamara

Streamlined Processes and Enhanced Communication

With ScreenApp, Project Alfred found an easy-to-use tool for recording and sharing screen videos. The quick start and share functionality led to more frequent usage, improving communication within the team.

The transcription feature became essential for their international collaboration, ensuring clear communication across language barriers. Moreover, the potential of integrating these transcriptions into a searchable library brought them a step closer to creating their desired knowledge hub.

ScreenApp's potential to adapt to Project Alfred's unique needs makes it a valuable asset for their tech-driven, process-streamlining efforts, providing more time for strategic thought about their business. Furthermore, it aligns with their mission of making financial knowledge more accessible, by serving as a tool to create a wealth of easily understandable and searchable instructional content.