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How to use ScreenApp's Meeting Recorder

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Account

To get started with ScreenApp's free meeting recorder, simply head over to the ScreenApp website and create an account. It's quick, easy, and completely free.

Step 2: Start Your Meeting

Once you've created an account, you're ready to start recording your meetings. Simply open the ScreenApp app or browser extension and click the "Start Recording" button.

Step 3: Select Your Meeting Window

ScreenApp will prompt you to select the area of your screen that you want to record. You can choose to record your entire screen, a specific application window, or even just a single browser tab.

Step 4: Press Record

Once you've selected the area of your screen that you want to record, simply click the "Record" button. ScreenApp will then begin capturing your meeting live.

Step 5: Relax and Let ScreenApp Do the Work

While your meeting is being recorded, you can sit back and relax. ScreenApp will automatically transcribe your meeting, identify speakers, generate summaries, and take AI-powered notes.

Step 6: Review and Share Your Recording

Once your meeting is over, you can review your recording and make any necessary edits. You can also share your recording with others using a unique link.

Benefits of ScreenApp's Meeting Recorder

Effortless Recording

  • Capture every detail of your online meetings with a single click.
  • Intuitive interface and user-friendly controls for a seamless recording experience.
  • Multiple recording options to capture your entire screen, specific applications, or browser tabs.

AI-Powered Transcription and Insights

  • Say goodbye to tedious manual transcription with automatic conversion of spoken words to accurate text transcripts.
  • Speaker identification ensures clarity and easy attribution of key points to participants.
  • Generate concise summaries for quick recap and easy reference of key takeaways.
  • AI-powered notes capture contextual details, insights, and action items for deeper understanding of your meetings.

Enhanced Collaboration and Accessibility

  • Share recordings with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders with unique links for seamless collaboration.
  • Advanced search functionality allows you to instantly locate specific information within transcribed meetings.
  • Secure cloud storage ensures your valuable meeting content is always safe and accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Experience Unmatched Flexibility

  • Multiple Recording Options: Record your entire screen, specific application windows, or even individual browser tabs to capture exactly what you need.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: Your recorded meetings are securely stored in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, anytime. This ensures your valuable meeting content remains safe and readily available.


  • Works with any meeting software: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Netmeeting, Jitsi, VOIP platforms (Aircall), Slack and Discord
  • Works with any audio, from in person to hybrid meetings.

Usecases of ScreenApp's Meeting Recorder

ScreenApp's free meeting recorder caters to a diverse range of users seeking seamless meeting management solutions. Let's explore the key personas who can benefit immensely from this powerful tool:

Business Professionals

  • Team Leaders and Project Managers: Effectively capture project discussions, decision-making processes, and action items.
  • Sales and Marketing Teams: Record client interactions, product demos, and sales pitches for future reference and training purposes.
  • Remote Workers: Easily collaborate with colleagues across different locations by recording virtual meetings and sharing key takeaways.

Educators and Trainers

  • Teachers and Professors: Capture lectures, discussions, and online classes for students to review at their convenience.
  • Trainers and Coaches: Record training sessions, workshops, and webinars to provide participants with access to valuable learning resources.
  • Online Tutors and Instructors: Enhance remote learning experiences by recording online tutoring sessions and sharing them with students.

Individuals and Entrepreneurs

  • Virtual Assistants and Freelancers: Record client meetings, project discussions, and feedback sessions to ensure clear communication and project alignment.
  • Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders: Capture brainstorming sessions, investor meetings, and product demos to maintain a record of key ideas and decisions.
  • Remote Workers and Independent Professionals: Record virtual meetings with clients, colleagues, and collaborators to stay organized and maintain clear communication.

ScreenApp's Meeting Recorder FAQ

What is the best way to record a meeting?

Using a reliable meeting recorder like ScreenApp is the most effective way to capture all the important details of your meetings. ScreenApp offers high-quality video and audio recording, along with features such as cloud storage, transcription, and easy sharing, ensuring you never miss a beat.

How do you create a meeting record?

With ScreenApp, creating a meeting record is effortless. Simply launch the app, start your meeting, and click the "Record" button. ScreenApp will handle the rest, capturing both video and audio seamlessly.

What are the rules for recording a meeting?

It's essential to obtain consent from all participants before recording any meeting. ScreenApp prioritizes privacy and transparency.

What do you say when recording a meeting?

To ensure everyone is aware of the recording, start by stating clearly, "I'm now starting the meeting recording." This simple step promotes transparency and ensures consent is obtained.

Can Google Meet detect if you are recording?

Yes, Google Meet will notify participants when a recording is in progress. With ScreenApp, this notification is not automatically displayed, so it is your responsibility to keep everyone informed.

Can I record a meeting in my own home?

Yes, you can record meetings in your home using ScreenApp. However, remember to always obtain consent from all participants beforehand.

Is it acceptable to record a meeting?

Recording meetings is often acceptable, but it's crucial to adhere to ethical guidelines and respect privacy. Obtaining consent and using a trusted platform like ScreenApp is essential.

Does Google Meet automatically record?

No, Google Meet does not automatically record meetings. You'll need to initiate the recording process manually. ScreenApp simplifies this process with a user-friendly interface.

How can I record a meeting for free?

ScreenApp offers a free trial, enabling you to experience its powerful features without any commitments. Explore its capabilities and discover how it can enhance your meeting productivity.

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