How to take AI notes with Zoom

Struggling to take effective Zoom notes? This guide reveals the secret to AI-powered note-taking with ScreenApp! Capture key points, action items, and speaker insights effortlessly. Boost your productivity and Zoom meeting recall now!

Written by
Andre Smith
Updated On
February 6, 2024


Ever spent a Zoom meeting furiously scribbling notes, only to later find them indecipherable or missing crucial details?

Feel the frustration of juggling note-taking with active listening?

Yeah, we've all been there. Traditional note-taking in Zoom meetings is a struggle. Key points get lost in the shuffle, important speaker insights vanish into thin air, and let's not even mention the dreaded post-meeting decipherment game.

But what if there was a better way? A way to capture every syllable, identify key takeaways, and even automatically summarize the entire meeting with AI?

Introducing the game-changer for your Zoom meetings: AI-powered note-taking with ScreenApp!


  • Effortlessly capturing every word spoken during your meeting, thanks to real-time transcription.
  • Identifying key speakers and their points with speaker labeling.
  • Instantly generating concise summaries that highlight the most important takeaways.
  • Finding specific information in a flash with searchable transcripts.
  • Freeing your mind to focus on active listening and participation.

ScreenApp seamlessly integrates with Zoom, making AI-powered note-taking a breeze. No more switching between apps or missing a beat. Just hit record and let ScreenApp do the heavy lifting, while you focus on what truly matters.

Ready to ditch the note-taking struggle and supercharge your Zoom meetings? Buckle up, because we're about to dive deep into the world of AI-powered note-taking with ScreenApp!

What is AI Note-Taking?

Traditional note-taking often feels like trying to catch butterflies in a hurricane – chaotic, messy, and rarely successful. But what if technology could swoop in and transform your note-taking game? Enter the world of AI note-taking, where intelligent algorithms listen, analyze, and capture the essence of your meetings with superhuman accuracy.

Think of it as having a super-powered secretary in your pocket. Tools like and are revolutionizing note-taking by transcribing conversations in real-time, highlighting key points, and even generating summaries. But ScreenApp takes it a step further by seamlessly integrating with your Zoom meetings.

Imagine this:

  • Automatic recording: No more fumbling with buttons or missing the first crucial minutes. ScreenApp starts recording the moment you join the meeting.
  • Live transcription: Every word spoken is instantly captured and displayed on your screen, leaving you free to focus on the conversation.
  • Speaker identification: Say goodbye to guessing who said what. ScreenApp identifies individual speakers, making your notes crystal clear.
  • Action item detection: Forget manually flagging important tasks. ScreenApp automatically highlights potential action items, saving you precious time.

No more juggling note-taking with active participation. ScreenApp empowers you to truly engage in your meetings, knowing that every detail is being captured and organized for you. It's like having a personal memory palace at your fingertips, ready to recall every nugget of information whenever you need it.

So ditch the pen and paper, or the clunky note-taking apps, and embrace the future of note-taking with ScreenApp. It's time to unlock the full potential of your Zoom meetings and say goodbye to note-taking struggles forever!

Effortless AI Note-Taking in Zoom with ScreenApp: A Step-by-Step Guide

Say goodbye to frantic scribbling and hello to effortlessly capturing every detail of your Zoom meetings with ScreenApp's AI-powered magic. Let's dive into setting up ScreenApp and mastering its note-taking superpowers:

1. Setting Up ScreenApp:

  • Head over to and create your free account.
  • Download the desktop app for your computer (Mac or Windows).
  • Once installed, open the app and log in.

2. Integrating ScreenApp with Zoom:

  • Click on the "Settings" cogwheel icon in the top right corner.
  • Select "Integrations" from the menu.
  • Find "Zoom" and click "Connect."
  • Authorize ScreenApp to access your Zoom account.
  • You're all set! ScreenApp will now automatically detect and record your Zoom meetings.

3. Recording Your First AI-Powered Notes:

  • Join a Zoom meeting as usual.
  • Click the orange "Record" button on the ScreenApp sidebar.
  • Real-time transcription will begin, displaying every word spoken on your screen. Speaker labels will identify who's talking.
  • Focus on actively participating in the meeting, knowing ScreenApp is capturing everything.

4. Unlocking ScreenApp's Note-Taking Magic:

  • While recording, use the toolbar to:
  • Highlight important points.
  • Add tags to action items.
  • Star key moments for later reference.
  • After the meeting, access the recording in ScreenApp.
  • Enjoy features like:
  • Auto-summarization: Get a concise overview of the meeting's key points.
  • Searchable transcript: Find specific information instantly.
  • Speaker insights: Analyze individual contributions and track action items.

Bonus Tip: For even more seamless note-taking, schedule automatic recording in Zoom settings. Simply choose "Record to the cloud" and select "Automatically record all meetings." That's it!

With ScreenApp, taking effective Zoom notes is no longer a chore. It's a breeze powered by AI. Go ahead, ditch the pen and paper, and experience the joy of effortless note-taking. Your future productivity and recall will thank you!

Master the Art of AI Note-Taking with ScreenApp: Tips & Tricks for Zoom Meetings

ScreenApp is your AI-powered note-taking companion in Zoom, but knowing how to harness its features can make your notes truly shine. Let's unlock the full potential of your meetings with these tips and tricks:

1. Highlight Like a Pro:

  • Real-time highlights: Don't wait for the meeting to end. Use ScreenApp's highlight feature to mark key points as they're spoken. This creates a visual guide for your post-meeting review.
  • Color-code your highlights: Assign different colors to different categories (e.g., green for decisions, red for action items, blue for questions). This makes your notes even more organized and scannable.

2. Tag Your Action Items:

  • Never miss a task: Use the "Action Item" tag to flag any point that requires follow-up. ScreenApp will automatically compile these tagged items into a separate list for easy reference.
  • Delegate with ease: Share your meeting notes with colleagues and assign action items directly to them within ScreenApp. No more email chains or lost notes!

3. Search Your Transcribed Memory Palace:

  • Instant recall: Forget flipping through pages. ScreenApp's searchable transcripts let you find specific information instantly. Just type a keyword or phrase, and the relevant section will be highlighted.
  • Jump to specific speakers: Need to revisit a particular speaker's contribution? Use the speaker labels to quickly navigate to their parts of the transcript.

4. Tailor Your Notes to the Meeting Type:

  • Brainstorming sessions: Use ScreenApp's mind map feature to capture ideas visually. Connect related points, add notes, and see the big picture emerge.
  • Lectures or webinars: Focus on key concepts and definitions. Highlight important points, summarize key takeaways in the notes section, and export them for later study.
  • Interviews: Tag key questions and answers, note down nonverbal cues, and use the "Action Item" tag for follow-up questions.

Bonus Tip: Remember, ScreenApp is your AI assistant, not your replacement. Actively listen and participate in the meeting, and use ScreenApp to capture the key points and insights that would otherwise slip through the cracks.

By mastering these tips and tricks, you'll transform your Zoom meetings into productive sessions where every detail is captured and organized for future reference. Say goodbye to note-taking fatigue and hello to a world of effortless recall and boosted productivity!

This section provides specific and actionable tips for using ScreenApp's features in different meeting scenarios. The bonus tip encourages active participation while highlighting the value of ScreenApp as an assistant. Feel free to add more specific examples or anecdotes to further engage the reader.

Beyond Note-Taking: ScreenApp's Productivity Powerhouse

Sure, ScreenApp is a master of AI-powered notes, but its magic extends far beyond mere transcription. Let's dive into some hidden gems that can supercharge your meeting experience:

1. Screen Recording: Capture the Whole Picture:

  • Don't just listen, see every detail. ScreenApp lets you record the entire meeting screen, including presentations, slides, and shared documents. This creates a visual reference alongside your notes, perfect for revisiting complex topics or remembering visuals.
  • Enhance your notes by adding screenshots directly from the recording. No more switching between apps or frantically scribbling down URLs.

2. Auto-Summarize Like a Pro:

  • Time-pressed? Let ScreenApp's automatic video summaries do the heavy lifting. Generate concise overviews of the meeting with key points, speaker insights, and even action items.
  • Quickly grasp the essence of lengthy meetings or refresh your memory before a follow-up discussion. Share summaries with colleagues who missed the meeting to get them up to speed.

3. Live Translation: Break Down Language Barriers:

  • Global team meetings? No problem! ScreenApp's live translation feature removes language barriers in real-time. Follow the conversation seamlessly, even if not everyone speaks the same language.
  • Foster inclusive participation and ensure everyone is on the same page. No more feeling left out or missing crucial information due to language differences.

4. Boost Engagement with Live Q&A:

  • Turn passive listening into active participation with ScreenApp's live Q&A feature. Submit questions anonymously during the meeting, and watch them surface on the shared screen for live discussion.
  • Encourage curiosity and deeper understanding by making it easy for everyone to ask questions and get instant answers. This can lead to richer discussions and more productive meetings.

5. Organize and Connect Across Platforms:

  • Keep your notes organized with ScreenApp's powerful search and tagging features. Find specific information across all your meetings, regardless of the date or topic.
  • Export your notes in various formats (e.g., Word, PDF, plain text) and share them with colleagues or integrate them into your preferred workflow tools.

ScreenApp is your productivity Swiss Army knife. Use these features to not only capture information but also actively engage in your meetings, deepen your understanding, and collaborate effectively with everyone involved.


So, you've unlocked the magic of ScreenApp's AI note-taking, but mastering your workflow takes it to the next level. Let's explore some productivity hacks to maximize ScreenApp's potential and keep your notes organized and accessible:

During Meetings:

  • Pre-flight checklist: Before each meeting, take a moment to set an intention and define your note-taking goals. Are you focusing on key decisions, action items, or brainstorming ideas? This helps ScreenApp prioritize and tailor its highlights.
  • Tag it, don't forget it: Utilize the "Action Item" and "Question" tags generously. This creates a separate action list and question bank, saving you time from scouring through transcripts later.
  • Speak your mind, note it later: Don't be afraid to ask questions or contribute actively. You can always refine your notes and add insights from your own participation after the meeting.

Post-Meeting Polish:

  • Review and refine: Don't treat your notes as a final draft. Dedicate some time after the meeting to review your highlights, add personal summaries, and clarify any ambiguous points.
  • Format for different uses: Export your notes in various formats depending on their purpose. Use Word documents for detailed reports, mind maps for brainstorming sessions, and plain text for quick reference notes.
  • Integrate into your workflow: Connect ScreenApp with your favorite productivity tools. Export meeting summaries to project management platforms, share action items with team members, or integrate insights into your personal knowledge base.

Bonus Tip: Leverage ScreenApp's search function like a pro. Master keyword combinations and speaker labels to quickly find specific information across all your meetings. Remember, your notes are valuable assets – treat them like a searchable digital library!

By implementing these hacks, you'll transform your AI note-taking into a streamlined and powerful workflow. ScreenApp becomes more than just a recording tool; it becomes your personal productivity hub, fueling your professional success and boosting your knowledge retention.

ScreenApp effortlessly captures your screen recordings and leverages AI to transcribe, summarize and take notes of your videos and audio, making it simple to share insights with your team, clients, and prospects.

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