Is ScreenApp Free?

ScreenApp’s Basic subscription plan is absolutely free.

What is the maximum duration of a recording?

Starting from up to 15 minutes recording limit with basic subscription, you can record up to 1 to 2 hours with standard and premium subscriptions.

How many recordings can I do per day?

It’s Unlimited! You can make any number of screen recordings/screen captures per day.

How do I access my past recordings on ScreenApp?

You can sign up and create an account with ScreenApp. ScreenApp has newly introduced a video library feature. This is where all your past recordings will be saved and you will have access to them anywhere and anytime! For more information :

Can I change the video quality and frame rate?

Currently you cannot do that. But we are working on it. Stay updated for the latest updates through our social media pages.

What do I do if my video recording is too long and I do not want to download the whole recording?

Screenapp lets you trim the screen recording before downloading.

Can I get my recordings in MP4 format?

Still we are working on it. Please be patient

Why are you using “Webm” format instead of any other video format?

Webm” is an open source video codec developed for web. Not like Mp4/h264, Webm does not involve any royalty fee.

I cannot play downloaded video on my computer?

Please make sure your video player support “Webm” file format. Some video players do not support “Webm” format.

What happens if the internet gets disconnected in the middle of a recording?

Lost connection will not hinder your recording, you can continue recording. We will synchronize with the server as soon as you connect back to the internet.

How do I recover lost videos?

Unfortunately screen recordings are not backed up and cannot be recovered if you do not have an account with Screenapp. Sign up to create an account and store all your recordings with the video library feature.


Does ScreenApp involve any software download?

No. ScreenApp is a web based software developed for screen recording and does not require any additional plug ins or download.

What is the screen recording file format used by ScreenApp? and what screen resolution does ScreenApp support?

Currently recordings are saved and downloaded as .webm media files which support upto 1080p resolution capture. This is determined by the native screen resolution. We will be adding new formats and capturing resolutions as soon as possible.

What media players can ScreenApp recordings be played back from ?

Windows media player, VLC player, GOM player, supported web browsers and other applications which can playback .webm format can play ScreenApp recordings.

Which screens and applications can be captured by ScreenApp?

ScreenApp can record any window or application displaying content on your machine’s screen. We recommend “Entire screen” recording as explained below during recording.

Why do we recommend entire screen recording?

Yes! We recommend the “Entire Screen” option for recording your screen because it is more reliable than recording Tabs or Application windows. So always remember to record selecting the “Entire Screen” option from the web browser selection panel. This also means you might have to make sure the windows/ screens which must be recorded stays visible for the entire duration of the recording.

Does the “window” option support browser audio capture when recording?

No! But users can use the “Entire screen” option with browser audio and it works well for Windows users. Read more about this in the point below for Mac and Linux users.

Is Browser audio capture working with the entire screen recording option on Mac & Linux?

No, Browser audio with the entire screen will not work with Mac & Linux. It works well on Windows operating system.

You can use Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari browsers for a better experience. We do not recommend firefox for screen recording with audio options.

What happens to my videos if I delete the Web Browser cache?

Since ScreenApp uses the Web browser to record your screen, if the browser cache is cleared you will lose all your cached recordings, even those in your local folder if you are logged in. You must save files you want to keep in a different location or [LINK] upgrade your plan to the Premium version so your recordings are saved to your personal cloud storage.

Can I access my Cloud backed up files over any device?

Yes, you can access your files backed up to the cloud on any device if you are recording your videos using a Premium account.

Can I record browser audio and microphone audio at the same time?

Yes, you can record both your browser audio and microphone audio simultaneously whilst recording your screen using ScreenApp. Simply select the “System audio + Microphone audio” option from the audio recording options drop-down menu prior to being prompted to share your screen.

Can I manage a folder structure to save my video files?

Yes, you can save your recordings with your specific folders. In the ScreenApp premium package you can create a number of folders by name of your choice and you can rename your recorded file names as well within those folders.

Can I share my recordings with any third-party user?

Yes, You can share your files with anyone via their ScreenApp user email or to external emails if the records are synced to your cloud backup.

Who can see my videos?

The videos in your local library reside only inside your browser cache or any location you download and save the recording to.

The videos in your cloud library reside in a dedicated cloud location which is only accessible by you.

For how we treat your video data further, please refer to our ScreenApp

What are the local library and cloud library?

In Local library files are saved in the browser cache. If you clear the browser cache, saved files in local libraries will be removed permanently.

In the Cloud library you can save files inside your cloud storage and that will be there unless you delete it by yourself. You can also upload files saved in your local library to your cloud library to keep a backup.

I’m getting an error (0xc00d36cb) when playing downloaded videos on the Windows Software - Movies & TV. Why is that?

Image1 The 0xc00d36cb error on Windows 10 can occur due to a glitch in the media player or corrupted system files. Running the video player Windows troubleshooter might fix the 0xc00d36cb error message. Some users reported that resetting the Movies & TV app or creating a new user account will also fix the issue.