Frequently Asked Questions

Written by
ScreenApp Team
Updated on
February 11, 2024

Is ScreenApp Free?

ScreenApp offers a complimentary version with essential screen recording features. For extended functionality, consider our premium plans, which are competitively priced.

Can I Download My Videos?

Absolutely. Users can effortlessly download their screen recordings in MKV, WebM or MP4 format, beneficial for offline access and sharing.

Can I Transcribe My Videos?

Yes. With our advanced AI-powered technology, ScreenApp transcribes videos, increasing content accessibility and its discoverability.

How Do I Record My Screen and Webcam?

Initiate recording with a single click on the 'Start' button, then choose your desired settings and the specific content to capture.

Where Can I Find My Recorded Videos?

Your videos reside safely in your ScreenApp account. Access and manage them conveniently from your dashboard.

How Can I Share My Videos?

ScreenApp simplifies sharing through various means, whether via generated links or direct downloads to disseminate through emails or social media.

What Browsers Are Compatible with ScreenApp?

ScreenApp syncs perfectly with major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, guaranteeing uninterrupted user experiences.

Can I Integrate Screen Recording into My Site or App?

Yes. ScreenApp provides options to embed screen recording features into your digital platforms, elevating user interaction.

How Can I Get Support for Recording Issues?

Our customer support team is always on standby. Whether through email or live chat, we're here to help.

Do I Need to Install Software for ScreenApp?

ScreenApp is browser-based, requiring no software or extensions, ensuring a swift start.

Is ScreenApp Mobile-Friendly?

Absolutely. ScreenApp supports mobile devices, letting you manage and record videos anytime, anywhere.

Can I Record Webinars or Online Meetings?

Yes, ScreenApp excels in recording online events such as webinars and meetings, ideal for archiving or sharing.

Does ScreenApp Add Watermarks to Videos?

No, videos remain clean and free of any ScreenApp watermarks.

How Can I Edit My Recorded Videos?

Our in-built editing tool lets users crop their recordings, optimizing the content's quality and engagement.

Is My Data Secure with ScreenApp?

ScreenApp upholds stringent data security standards. Control your video accessibility with confidence.

Can I Use ScreenApp for Educational Content?

Educators find ScreenApp valuable for creating and sharing tutorials, lectures, and other instructional materials.

Does ScreenApp Offer Video Summarization?

Indeed, our AI-driven video summarization condenses content effectively, ideal for presentations and recaps.

Can I Activate My Webcam While Recording?

Certainly. Enhance your recordings by integrating your webcam, offering a personal touch to your content.

What Are Some Use Cases for ScreenApp?

ScreenApp serves a plethora of purposes - from business demos and remote collaborations to educational content and customer assistance.

How Do I Upgrade to a Premium Plan?

To access more features, simply go to your account settings and select your desired premium plan. Enjoy an enhanced ScreenApp experience upon upgrading.