How-to Guide

How to Recover Lost Screen Recordings

Written by
Andre Smith
Updated on
February 6, 2024

Recovering Lost ScreenApp Recordings

This guide provides a comprehensive approach to retrieving ScreenApp screen recordings that are missing from your video library or cannot be downloaded. This can be beneficial in scenarios such as:

  • The recording process being interrupted or encountering an error during processing.
  • Accidentally closing the browser window before the download is complete.

Important Considerations

  • This method is ineffective for files already successfully added to your library before deletion.
  • Clearing your browser cache will erase any recoverable files.
  • Recordings made in incognito windows cannot be recovered using this process.
  • To ensure successful recovery, use the same browser, device, and account used for recording.
  • This recovery feature is exclusive to registered ScreenApp users who were signed in at the time of recording.

Recovery Steps

  1. Sign in to your ScreenApp Account: Access your ScreenApp account using the credentials employed during the recording session and on the same device.

        2. Locate the Settings Page: The specific location of this page might vary slightly based on your ScreenApp version. Generally, it's accessible through a gear icon or           a similar menu option.

      3. Navigate to the Recovery Tab:  This tab might be labeled "Recover" or "Lost Recordings".

      4. Review Available Recordings: If there are recoverable files, they will be displayed in this section.

      5. Select the Recording for Recovery: Choose the specific recording you intend to retrieve by clicking the checkbox or recovery icon next to the desired video.

      6. Initiate Recovery: Click the "Recover" button to commence the recovery process. The recovered file will be downloaded to your device's default download           location.

Additional Tips

  • If you encounter any challenges during recovery, contact ScreenApp support for assistance.
  • Regularly back up your ScreenApp recordings to external storage or cloud services to safeguard against data loss.
  • To maximize the likelihood of successful recovery, ScreenApp recommends keeping your browser cache enabled.