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How to Use Mobile App

1. Access Anywhere, Anytime:

No app download needed: Simply visit our website on your mobile browser and log in.Responsive design: ScreenApp Mobile adapts to any screen size, whether you're using a smartphone or tablet.

2. Capture Content with Ease:

One-click audio recorder: Capture your thoughts and ideas on the go with a single tap.Android screen sharing: Share your phone screen directly, perfect for tutorials or demonstrations.Upload any video from your mobile: Add existing videos from your phone's gallery to your ScreenApp library.

3. Host, Transcribe, and Summarize:

Automatic hosting: Once you add a video or audio, ScreenApp takes care of the rest, storing it securely in the cloud.AI-powered transcription and summarization: Get accurate transcripts and concise summaries of your content, saving you valuable time and effort.

4. Chat with Your Videos and Take Notes:

Interactive chat: Leave comments and questions directly within your videos for future reference or collaboration.Pocket AI note-taker: Capture key points and insights as you watch or listen, keeping your thoughts organized.

5. Go Beyond the Basics:

Search and filter: Find specific information within your videos with keyword searches and filters.Share and collaborate: Easily share your content with others and work together on projects.

Benefits of Mobile App

Stop juggling clunky apps and endless downloads

ScreenApp's mobile app is your all-in-one solution, transcribing, summarizing, and hosting your videos and audio on the fly.

No downloads, just click and create

Perfect for busy educators, on-the-go entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to whip up professional content in minutes.

Got a brilliant idea on the bus?

One-click audio recording makes capturing your thoughts a breeze. ️ And on Android, share your screen live for instant presentations or tutorials.

Need to upload existing footage?

We've got you covered. Upload any video from your phone, and watch as ScreenApp magically transcribes and summarizes it for easy reference and sharing. 🪄

Bonus: Chat directly to your videos with comments and timestamps, and let our AI notetaker keep track of your key points.

ScreenApp: Your pocket studio, your AI assistant, your content superhero.

Who is Mobile App for?

Tired of juggling sticky notes, clunky apps, and lost recordings? ScreenApp Mobile is your pocket-sized productivity powerhouse, letting you conquer any task with just a tap.

Here's how you can boost your efficiency with ScreenApp Mobile:

1. Capture Ideas on the Fly

Brainstorming a marketing pitch? Dictate your thoughts with the one-click audio recorder, and ScreenApp will transcribe it live. No more scrambling to remember brilliant flashes of inspiration!

2. Share Your Screen, Share Your Knowledge

On Android, seamless screen sharing lets you walk colleagues through presentations, showcase app features, or even offer remote tech support – all from your phone.

3. Streamline Meetings & Lectures

Ditch the scribble-filled notebooks. Upload any video or audio recording, and ScreenApp will automatically transcribe and summarize the key points, saving you hours of note-taking agony.

4. Say Goodbye to Lost Drafts

Jot down thoughts and to-dos with the AI notetaker, accessible anytime, anywhere. Say hello to seamless workflow and never lose a brilliant idea again.

5. Chat with Your Videos

Have questions about a recorded lecture? Want to add commentary to your brainstorming session? The unique video chat feature lets you interact with your recordings, adding layers of context and collaboration.

ScreenApp Mobile isn't just an app, it's a productivity revolution. Ditch the app store downloads and experience the magic of on-the-go capture, transcription, and AI assistance. Download ScreenApp Mobile today and unlock the full potential of your mobile device!

ScreenApp's Mobile App FAQ

Q: No downloads? Really?

A: Absolutely! Ditch the app store hassle. ScreenApp works seamlessly from your phone's browser, letting you capture ideas on the fly.

Q: Can I record audio and video?

A: You bet! Our one-click audio recorder grabs your thoughts instantly, while Android users can also share their screens with ease. Want to add existing videos? Simply upload them from your phone's gallery.

Q: What happens after I add a video or audio?

A: Sit back and relax! ScreenApp hosts your content securely, transcribes it accurately, and even summarizes key points for quick reference. It's like having a built-in smart assistant for your recordings!

Q: Chat with my videos? What does that even mean?

A: Think of it as interactive note-taking. Leave comments, ask questions, and engage with your content in a whole new way. It's like having a conversation with your recordings!

Q: Is ScreenApp a good alternative to

A: We believe so! ScreenApp offers similar features like transcription and summarization, but with the added perks of no downloads, mobile screen sharing, and interactive chat capabilities. Plus, our responsive web app makes it a breeze to use on any device.

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