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How to use ScreenApp's Google Meet Bot

Automate Your Google Meet Meeting Notes

Take meeting notes in Google Meet with the help of ScreenApp's AI note-taking bot. Get accurate, detailed, and searchable notes that save you time and ensure you capture every important detail. Say goodbye to manual note-taking and hello to a more efficient and productive meeting experience.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Note-Taking: ScreenApp's bot listens and transcribes the meeting audio in real-time, capturing every word spoken.
  • Speaker Identification: The bot automatically identifies and labels each speaker, making it easy to follow the conversation and attribute statements to the right person.
  • Action Item Tracking: Easily identify and track action items discussed during the meeting, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Smart Summarization: Get a concise summary of the meeting, highlighting the key points and decisions made.
  • Seamless Integration: The bot works seamlessly within Google Meet, with no additional software or downloads required.


  • Save Time: Automate note-taking and free up your time to focus on the meeting discussion.
  • Improved Accuracy: Eliminate errors and omissions by relying on AI-powered transcription.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share notes with team members instantly, improving communication and collaboration.
  • Better Decision-Making: Quickly review meeting notes to make informed decisions.
  • Secure and Private: Your meeting notes are stored securely and only accessible to authorized individuals.

Benefits of ScreenApp's Google Meet Bot

Save Time and Effort

Automatic recording and transcription of Google Meet meetings, with storage for easy reference.

Improve Collaboration

Collaborate effectively by sharing key insights, action items and decisions from meetings.

Boost Productivity

Get more done by generating meeting summaries and action items instantly.

Enhance Accessibility

Make meetings more accessible for remote participants with automatic transcriptions and closed captions.

Increase Compliance

Meet compliance requirements by keeping a secure record of all meetings and their transcripts.

Improve Decision-Making

Make informed decisions by having access to accurate and detailed records of all meetings.

Usecases of ScreenApp's Google Meet Bot

Screen Sharing Made Easy for Google Meet Meetings

Meet ScreenApp, the Google Meet bot that makes screen sharing a breeze. With ScreenApp, you can share your screen with just a few clicks, and attendees can view your screen in real-time. No more fumbling with settings or dealing with technical difficulties. Just share your screen and start presenting.

ScreenApp is the perfect solution for:

  • Business professionals who need to share presentations, spreadsheets, and other documents during meetings.
  • Educators who want to share lessons, videos, and other educational materials with their students.
  • Remote teams who need to collaborate on projects and share ideas.
  • Anyone who wants to share their screen with others in a simple and easy way.

With ScreenApp, you can:

  • Share your entire screen or just a specific window.
  • Control who can see your screen.
  • Annotate your screen with drawings and text.
  • Record your screen sharing sessions.

ScreenApp is the ultimate tool for screen sharing in Google Meet meetings. Try it today and see how easy it is to share your screen.

ScreenApp's Google Meet Bot FAQ

What is a Google Meet Bot?

A Google Meet bot is an automated software application that interacts with users in real-time within Google Meet, a video conferencing platform.

What can ScreenApp's Google Meet Bot do?

ScreenApp's Google Meet Bot offers a range of features to enhance your meeting experience, including automated note-taking, screen recording, and real-time transcription.

How does ScreenApp's Google Meet Bot help with note-taking?

The bot automatically transcribes the meeting audio and generates detailed notes, highlighting key points and action items. These notes are easily accessible and shareable with attendees.

Can the bot record Google Meet meetings?

Yes, the bot allows you to record your Google Meet meetings with just a click. The recording is securely stored in the cloud and easily accessible for playback and sharing.

Does the bot provide real-time transcription?

Absolutely! The bot provides real-time transcription of the meeting audio, making it easier for attendees to follow the discussion and take notes.

How does the bot help with action item tracking?

The bot identifies key action items during the meeting and prompts attendees to assign them to responsible individuals. This ensures that tasks are clearly defined and tracked.

Can I collaborate with others using the bot?

Yes, the bot facilitates collaboration by allowing attendees to comment on the meeting notes, ask questions, and share files in real-time.

Is the bot secure?

Security is a top priority. The bot adheres to strict security protocols and encrypts all data to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your meetings.

How can I get started with ScreenApp's Google Meet Bot?

Getting started is easy! Simply install the bot's extension from the Google Marketplace. Once installed, you can access it directly from your Google Meet interface.

Is there a free trial?

Certainly! We offer a free trial period so you can experience the full capabilities of ScreenApp's Google Meet Bot before committing. Sign up today and transform your meetings!

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