How to Easily Translate a YouTube Video to English 2024

Frustrated by YouTube videos in foreign languages? Don't let language barriers limit your access to knowledge and entertainment. There's a simple solution that lets you easily translate any YouTube video into English, giving you the power to understand everything you watch.

Written by
Andre Smith
Updated On
June 20, 2024


Have you ever stumbled upon a fantastic YouTube video but struggled because it wasn't in English? Fear not, curious viewer! Thanks to the power of technology, understanding foreign language videos is becoming increasingly accessible. In this guide, we'll explore a user-friendly tool called ScreenApp and walk you through the step-by-step process of translating any YouTube video into English – all within minutes.

Conquer Language Barriers with ScreenApp

ScreenApp to the rescue! This user-friendly tool lets you record your screen and translate the audio –  perfect for capturing YouTube videos in any language and getting them magically translated into English.

No downloads or complicated setups needed. Simply record your screen while playing the YouTube video, and ScreenApp will transcribe the audio and translate it into English. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to a world of translated videos!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Translating YouTube Videos with ScreenApp

Here's the detailed Steph Process to translate YouTube videos to English using ScreenApp:

Step 1: Sign Up for ScreenApp

Head over to ScreenApp's website and create a free account.

Step 2: Select Your Target Language

Once logged in, navigate to ScreenApp's settings and choose "English" as your preferred translation language. This ensures the recorded audio from the YouTube video gets translated into English.

Step 3: Get Ready for Recording

Open YouTube and find the video you want to translate. Have it cued up and ready to play.

Step 4: Launch ScreenApp and Start Recording

Fire up ScreenApp and initiate a new recording. Make sure your screen captures the YouTube video playback window.

Step 5: Play the YouTube Video and Record the Audio

Hit play on the YouTube video. ScreenApp will simultaneously capture the video and audio. Let the entire video play through while recording.

Step 6: Stop Recording and Enjoy the Translated Video!

Once the video finishes, stop the recording in ScreenApp. The platform will automatically process the captured audio and translate it into English. You'll then have a recording of the YouTube video with English subtitles!

Bonus Tip: Enhance Your Translated Video

ScreenApp allows you to edit your recording. You can trim unnecessary parts or add your own voiceovers for further clarity.

Chrome's Built-In Translation: A Quick Fix

While ScreenApp offers a powerful solution for translating YouTube videos with audio transcription, there's another option for videos with existing captions: Google Chrome's built-in translation feature. Here's a quick guide:

Step 1: Play the YouTube Video

Open the YouTube video you want to translate and make sure it has captions available (look for the "CC" button).

Step 2: Right-Click and Choose Translation

Right-click anywhere on the webpage and navigate to the "Translate to English" option (or your preferred language). This might appear under a submenu called "More tools" or "Languages" depending on your Chrome version.

Step 3: Enjoy the Translated Captions

Chrome will automatically translate the entire webpage, including the YouTube video's captions, into your chosen language.

Pros & Cons of Chrome Translation

This method is convenient and doesn't require additional software. However, there are limitations:

  • Limited to Existing Captions: It only works with videos that already have captions available.
  • Accuracy: Chrome translation might not be as accurate as ScreenApp's dedicated audio transcription and translation, especially for complex content.
  • Overall Page Translation: It translates the entire webpage, not just the video content.


By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly translate any YouTube video into English using ScreenApp. This fantastic tool empowers you to access a world of knowledge and entertainment, regardless of language barriers. So, the next time you encounter a captivating YouTube video in a foreign language, remember ScreenApp – your gateway to global understanding!

ScreenApp effortlessly captures your screen recordings and leverages AI to transcribe, summarize and take notes of your videos and audio, making it simple to share insights with your team, clients, and prospects.

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