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ScreenApp Enterprise offers a robust feature set designed to empower businesses of all sizes to leverage screen recording and content creation for improved efficiency and security. This blog post dives into some key features that empower administrators to manage teams, content, and access effectively.

Written by
Andre Smith
Updated On
June 20, 2024


For organizations with specific data privacy requirements, ScreenApp Enterprise allows self-hosting of your data. This means your recordings and content are stored on your own servers, providing you with complete control over their location and access.

Bulk Team Management

Adding, removing, and managing large teams can be a time-consuming task. ScreenApp Enterprise streamlines this process with bulk team management features. Admins can efficiently add new users, deactivate departing employees, or adjust access levels for entire groups in a few clicks.

Mass Content Import

ScreenApp Enterprise simplifies incorporating existing content libraries into your platform. The mass import feature allows you to upload a large volume of videos or audio files simultaneously, saving valuable time and ensuring a smooth transition.

Bulk Licensing for Accessibility

ScreenApp recognizes the importance of inclusivity. The enterprise plan offers bulk licensing options, making it easier to provide screen recording and transcription tools to users with disabilities across your organization.

Granular Sharing Permissions

Control who sees your content with granular sharing permissions. Admins can define access levels for individual users or groups, ensuring recordings are shared only with authorized personnel.

Flexible Deployment with API and Plugins

ScreenApp Enterprise extends its functionality beyond the main platform. The API and plugin system allows for seamless integration with your existing workflow. Deploy the recorder directly within your CRM software like Hubspot or project management tools like ClickUp and, for a more cohesive user experience.

In Conclusion

ScreenApp Enterprise provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to leverage the power of screen recording and content creation. With features like self-hosting, bulk management tools, and flexible deployment options, ScreenApp empowers organizations to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and ensure the security of their content.

ScreenApp effortlessly captures your screen recordings and leverages AI to transcribe, summarize and take notes of your videos and audio, making it simple to share insights with your team, clients, and prospects.

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