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  • Real-time transcription
  • Automated note generation
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How to Transcribe Therapy Sessions

  1. Start a Session: Open ScreenApp Transcribe and click Record now
  2. Record and Transcribe:  Begin your therapy session as usual. ScreenApp will automatically record and transcribe the conversation in real-time.
  3. Review and Analyze: After the session, review the transcript. ScreenApp highlights key insights and lets you search for specific topics.
  4. Create Notes: Quickly generate session notes directly from the transcript, saving you time and effort.

Automatic Therapy Session Transcription

Gone are the days of manual transcriptions. Let our state-of-the-art AI handle your video and screen recording transcriptions seamlessly. Upload, sit back, and receive accurate transcripts in moments!

Automatic AI Notes for Therapy Session

Our platform supports a wide range of file formats, so you can transcribe everything from your latest podcast episode to the keynote speech at a conference. Simply upload your file and let us do the rest. No more worrying about compatibility issues - we'll take care of it all, so you can focus on your content.

Translate any Therapy Session Transcript

Translate your content into multiple languages accurately and effortlessly with our AI-powered translation service. Maximize your reach, communicate with ease, and engage global audiences with our help.

Summarize Therapy Session Transcripts

Finding that perfect moment in your video can be a chore. But with our intuitive interface, you can use the transcript to navigate and trim your videos with ease. Want to highlight a specific section? Just find it in the transcript and trim it directly. This makes it easy to extract, share, and showcase key moments.

Identify Speakers with AI in Therapy Sessions

One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to media formats. Our platform understands that. Supporting a myriad of file formats, you have the liberty to transcribe everything from your latest podcast episode to the keynote speech at a conference. Don't be restricted by compatibility; simply upload your desired audio or video file and let our platform handle the rest.

Why use ScreenApp to Transcribe Therapy Sessions?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by note-taking during sessions? Struggling to see the bigger picture in your conversations with clients? Wasting valuable time trying to organize and decipher your notes?

ScreenApp Transcribe Therapy Sessions is the solution. Here's why:

  • Focus on What Matters: Eliminate the distraction of note-taking and be fully present with your clients.
  • Unlock Deeper Insights: ScreenApp's technology analyzes your transcripts to reveal hidden patterns, client sentiment, and recurring themes, transforming your understanding of their needs.
  • Effortless Note Generation: Instantly generate accurate, searchable transcripts, saving you hours of administrative work.
  • Track Progress, Personalize Care: Use objective data from session transcripts to measure progress, tailor treatment plans, and deliver truly personalized therapy.

ScreenApp Therapy Session FAQ

How does ScreenApp Transcribe Therapy Sessions work?

ScreenApp Transcribe uses advanced speech-to-text technology to securely record and transcribe your therapy sessions in real time.  It also analyzes the transcript to provide insights into recurring themes, client sentiment, and more. This helps you stay present with your clients while effortlessly getting organized, actionable notes.

Is ScreenApp Transcribe secure and compliant?

Absolutely! We understand the sensitivity of therapy sessions. ScreenApp Transcribe prioritizes security and adheres to industry-standard regulations (mention specifics like HIPAA if applicable). Your data is encrypted and stored with maximum protection.

Can I use ScreenApp Transcribe with any virtual meeting platform?

Yes! ScreenApp Transcribe seamlessly integrates with popular virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom, Meet, Teams or any Telehealth software. This gives you the flexibility to conduct therapy sessions remotely without any extra hassle.

How accurate is the transcription?

ScreenApp Transcribe boasts incredible accuracy thanks to its cutting-edge AI. However,  you'll always have the ability to easily review and edit the transcript to ensure it perfectly reflects the session.

How does ScreenApp Transcribe help me provide better care?

ScreenApp Transcribe streamlines note-taking and saves you valuable time. This allows you to be fully present with your clients during sessions.  The in-depth transcript analysis helps you identify patterns, track progress, and gain deeper insights for more personalized and effective therapy.

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