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Introducing our intuitive screen recorder, a powerful tool designed to enhance your support ticket experience with JIRA, Salesforce or Zoho. Capture screen recordings effortlessly without any installations, simply by clicking a link in our form. Whether you're a customer describing an issue, or an agent seeking clarity, record, share, and delete videos easily on Chrome or Edge.
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Simplify Complex Communications

Solve Problems with Power of Visual Communication

Ever struggled to convey a technical problem over text? Our screen recorder solution eliminates that obstacle, allowing users to simply illustrate issues via screen recordings. By clicking a link provided in the support form, you can capture everything happening on your screen in under a minute. Just attach the generated link to your issue description, and voila! You've successfully communicated your concern with maximum clarity.

Enabling Agent Insight

Empowering Support Agents With Visual Context

Sometimes, the best way for a support agent to understand an issue is to see it from the customer's perspective. That's where our recorder shines. Agents can invite customers to record their screens via a link, which the customer can then share back, effectively providing the agent with a real-time window into the problem. This reduces guesswork, speeds up resolution time, and ultimately boosts customer satisfaction.

Request screen recording
Playback of requested screen recording
Prioritizing User Privacy

Respecting Your Customers' Privacy

We understand the importance of privacy. With our recorder, you're always in control of the recorded content. After viewing a customer-recorded video, you can easily delete it if required, thereby ensuring the privacy and trust of your customers. The power to decide the life of a recording is always at your fingertips, solidifying our commitment to a secure and respectful interaction.

Effortless Cross-Platform Usage

Harnessing Screen Recording Across Platforms, no need for Extensions

We believe in providing simple, efficient solutions. Our screen recorder doesn't require any extensions or installations and is compatible with popular browsers like Chrome and Edge. This low barrier to use encourages everyone, even the less tech-savvy, to leverage screen recordings in their interactions, thereby fostering a more comprehensive and engaging communication environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions about requesting screen recording

How can I request a screen recording from a customer?

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As a support agent, you can send a link to the customer requesting a screen recording. Once the customer receives this link, they can initiate the screen recording process and share the recorded video back with you via the generated link.

Do customers need to install any extensions to record their screens?

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No, your customers do not need to install any extensions to use this screen recording feature. It is designed to work seamlessly on Chrome and Edge browsers, simplifying the process for customers to record and share their screens with you.

What happens if a screen recording is not clear or doesn't provide enough information?

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If a screen recording does not provide sufficient information, you can always request another recording from the customer. The process remains the same: simply send a link to the customer requesting a new screen recording.

How can I delete a screen recording after viewing it?

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After viewing a customer-recorded video, you as the support agent have the ability to delete it. This allows you to ensure that the recorded content is only available for as long as it is necessary, thereby respecting the customer's privacy.

Can this feature be used with my existing systems?

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Yes, our screen recording feature is versatile and can be integrated with a variety of systems such as CRM platforms like Salesforce, project management tools like Trello, and communication platforms like Slack and Jira. This flexibility allows for streamlined communication and issue resolution across a wide range of digital environments.