Zoom to Slack Integration with ScreenApp

Streamline your workflows and boost team collaboration with ScreenApp's powerful integration between Zoom and Slack.

  • Automatically record Zoom meetings and share them directly to Slack channels.
  • Generate real-time video summaries and key takeaways.
  • Enable AI-powered transcription and captioning for easy reference.
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Real-time Video Summarization

Leveraging its AI capabilities, ScreenApp offers real-time video summarization during Zoom meetings. This feature allows for the automatic extraction and sharing of key points, action items, and important discussions as summaries in Slack channels, enabling efficient collaboration and quick review.

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Automatic Video Recording

ScreenApp seamlessly integrates with Zoom to automatically initiate video recording as soon as meetings begin. The recorded videos can be conveniently shared directly to Slack channels, ensuring easy access and reference for team members.

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Customer Stories

Integrating Zoom to Slack is easy

  1. Go to the Integrations tab in ScreenApp Settings
  2. Select your platform from our templates or create a custom workflow
  3. Sit back and let the integration do the rest!
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