Google Docs Integration with ScreenApp

ScreenApp integration with Google Docs offers automatic transcription, video embedding, real-time collaboration, timestamped notes, keyword highlighting, document organization, commenting and feedback, searchable metadata, export to Google Slides, and sharing and permission control for seamless video management and enhanced productivity.

  • Automatic Transcription: Transcribes recorded video audio into text for easy searching.
  • Video Embedding: Embeds recorded videos directly into Google Docs for seamless sharing.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Enables multiple users to view and edit recorded videos simultaneously.
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Video Embedding

With ScreenApp, users can conveniently embed recorded videos directly into Google Docs. This functionality enables seamless presentation and sharing of video content within documents, enhancing the overall user experience and making it easier to collaborate and communicate ideas effectively.

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Automatic Transcription

ScreenApp seamlessly integrates with Google Docs to automatically transcribe the audio from recorded videos into text. This feature simplifies the process of searching and referencing important information within the videos, saving time and effort.

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Customer Stories

Integrating Google Docs is easy

  1. Go to the Integrations tab in ScreenApp Settings
  2. Select your platform from our templates or create a custom workflow
  3. Sit back and let the integration do the rest!
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