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Our AI Audio pen records with one click and converts voice notes into text that's structured and easy to read

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AI Audio Pen

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1. Click the Microphone button

2. Talk then click Stop

3. Your notes will be automatically saved

Tired of illegible handwriting and missed points in meetings?

ScreenApp's Audio Pen is your secret weapon for effortless note-taking.   Record lectures, meetings, or brainstorms with a single click, and our powerful AI instantly converts your voice notes into crystal-clear, sharable text. ✍️

Stop wasting time

scrambling to remember what was just said!**  Click here to learn how ScreenApp's Audio Pen can revolutionize your note-taking.

Here's what makes ScreenApp's Audio Pen the ultimate note-taking tool

  • 1-Click Recording: Ditch the pen and notepad - capture everything with a single tap.
  • AI-Powered Transcription: Never miss a detail again - our AI turns your voice notes into easy-to-read text.
  • Boost Your Productivity: Focus on the discussion, not note-taking. Review and edit your transcribed notes for maximum clarity.
  • Instant Sharing: Share your notes with colleagues or classmates with just a few clicks - perfect for collaboration!

Ready to take your note-taking to the next level?

The best Alternative

1. Effortless Blog Creation

Stuck staring at a blank page? No more!  Use the Audio Pen to brainstorm ideas, record outlines, and even dictate entire blog posts.  The AI will transcribe your thoughts, allowing you to refine and structure your content with ease.

2. Diary Keeping Made Simple

Keeping a diary is a fantastic way to track your thoughts, experiences, and personal growth. But who has the time (or patience) for penmanship these days?  The Audio Pen lets you record your daily reflections, heartfelt moments, or fleeting ideas – all of which can be transcribed and easily reviewed later.

3. Capture Every Meeting Detail

Say goodbye to illegible notes and frantic scribbling!  The Audio Pen ensures you never miss a crucial point in a meeting.  Record key decisions, action items, and next steps – all with a single click.  The transcribed text makes reviewing and sharing meeting minutes a breeze.

4. From Brainstorm to Brilliance

Brainstorming sessions are a breeding ground for innovation. But capturing those fleeting sparks of genius can be tricky.  The Audio Pen lets you record every idea, no matter how crazy it might seem.  Later, you can review the transcribed notes, refine your thoughts, and turn those brainstorming sessions into actionable plans.

5. Structure Unstructured Thoughts

We all have those moments where inspiration strikes, but capturing those unstructured thoughts before they vanish can be a challenge.  The Audio Pen allows you to record your ideas on the fly –  whether it's a captivating story concept or a sudden burst of creative genius.  Later, you can review the transcribed text and turn those scattered thoughts into well-structured content.

ScreenApp's Audio Pen is more than just a note-taking tool – it's a gateway to a more productive and creatively empowered you.

ScreenApp's AI Audio Pen FAQ

How are you different from Audiopen?

We are faster, have no limit and uses more advanced AI!

Does ScreenApp's Audio Pen work on Mobile?

Yes! Just go to this page on your phone and click on record. It works perfectly on iPhone and Android.

What AI do you use?

We use Google's Gemini to convert the raw text into something usable.

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