Asana Integration with ScreenApp

ScreenApp integration with Asana: Automate task creation, link videos to tasks, attach videos to tasks, generate video summaries, leave time-stamped comments, record progress updates, assign tasks via video, create training materials, collect feedback, and gain video analytics.

  • Automatic task creation: ScreenApp creates tasks in Asana based on recorded video content.
  • Task linking: ScreenApp links recorded videos directly to tasks in Asana.
  • Video attachments: ScreenApp allows users to attach recorded videos to tasks in Asana.
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Task Linking

ScreenApp allows users to link recorded videos directly to tasks in Asana. This feature enables team members to easily access relevant video content while working on specific tasks, enhancing collaboration and providing a comprehensive understanding of the task at hand.

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Automatic Task Creation

ScreenApp automatically creates tasks in Asana based on the content of recorded videos. It can extract action items from meeting videos and generate corresponding tasks in Asana, streamlining task management and ensuring important action items are not overlooked.

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Customer Stories

Integrating Asana is easy

  1. Go to the Integrations tab in ScreenApp Settings
  2. Select your platform from our templates or create a custom workflow
  3. Sit back and let the integration do the rest!
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