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How to Use Webinar Summarizer

The ultimate guide to ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer

Confused about how to get the most out of our revolutionary new AI-driven tool? Let us break that down and get you summarising your webinars in minutes.

  1. Step 1: Upload your webinar recording: Simply drag and drop your webinar recording into the ScreenApp platform. Our system supports various file formats, ensuring compatibility with your existing recordings.
  2. Step 2: Select the language: Specify the language of your webinar to enable accurate transcription and summarization. Currently, we support a wide range of languages to cater to diverse audiences.
  3. Step 3: Choose your summarization style: ScreenApp offers multiple summarization styles to accommodate different preferences and needs. Select the style that best meets your requirement, whether it's a concise bullet-point summary or a detailed narrative format.
  4. Step 4: Generate your summary: Click the "Generate Summary" button to initiate the summarization process, sit back and let our intelligent AI work its magic. Our system quickly analyzes your webinar, extracting key insights and formulating a comprehensive summary.
  5. Step 5: Review and export your summary: Once the summarization is complete, you can review the generated summary to ensure its accuracy. Make any necessary adjustments if needed. Export your summary in various formats, including text, Word, PDF, and PPT, for easy sharing and distribution.

With ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer, you can unlock the full potential of your webinars, making them more accessible and impactful. It saves you time, improves knowledge retention, and allows you to reach a wider audience. Join the growing number of professionals leveraging our tool to transform their webinar experiences.

Benefits of Webinar Summarizer

Simplify Your Webinar Follow-Up

Save Time:Easily summarize your webinar's key points and takeaways in just a few minutes.

Increase Engagement:Create engaging summaries that capture your audience's attention and encourage them to take action.

Boost Conversions:Improve your post-webinar follow-up rates and drive more leads and sales.

Gain Valuable Insights:Analyze your webinar summaries to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Enhance Your Brand:Consistently deliver high-quality webinar summaries that reflect your expertise and professionalism.

Who is Webinar Summarizer for?

Webinar Professionals: Take Control of Your Content

ScreenApp's Summarizer streamlines your post-webinar tasks, providing you with a concise, easy-to-navigate summary of your most important points.

Technophobes and Non-Tech-Savvy Individuals: It's Easy to Use

With a straightforward, user-friendly interface, ScreenApp's Summarizer is accessible and easy to understand, even for those without technological expertise.

Marketing Teams Working on Product Launches: Key Points Made Actionable

ScreenApp's Summarizer helps identify crucial talking points in your recorded webinars, which you can transform into engaging social media posts, articles, or ad copy.

Event Organizers Aiming to Maximize ROI: Streamline Post-Event Communication

Summarize key segments of your webinars and record pivotal moments to create shareable assets that extend the lifespan of your event and foster ongoing engagement.

Ambitious Entrepreneurs and Thought-Leaders: Establish Authority and Grow Your Audience

Leverage insights from your previous webinars to conceive compelling content for future presentations and podcasts, ensuring your audience remains engaged and eager for more.

ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer FAQ

Can I automatically summarize webinars?

Yes, ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer can automatically summarize your webinars. Simply upload your webinar recording, and our AI-powered tool will generate a concise summary in minutes.

How does the Webinar Summarizer work?

ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer uses artificial intelligence to analyze your webinar recording and extract the key points. The summary includes the main topics covered, important insights, and actionable takeaways.

What formats does the Webinar Summarizer support?

ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer supports various formats, including MP4, MOV, and WMV. You can also summarize webinars hosted on popular platforms like Zoom, YouTube Live, and Google Meet.

How long does it take to summarize a webinar?

ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer typically generates a summary within minutes. The processing time depends on the length and complexity of your webinar.

Can I edit the generated summary?

Yes, you can edit the generated summary to your liking. ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer provides an intuitive editor that allows you to refine the summary, add additional notes, and customize the formatting.

Can I share the webinar summary with others?

Yes, you can easily share the webinar summary with others. ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer generates a shareable link that you can send to your colleagues, clients, or anyone else who needs to be updated on the webinar.

How much effort and time do I need to put in to use the tool?

ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer is designed to be user-friendly and requires minimal effort. Simply upload your webinar recording and let the AI do the rest. You can then review and edit the generated summary as needed, and you're done!

How does the pricing work?

ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer offers flexible pricing plans to suit your needs. You can opt for a subscription plan or a pay-as-you-go option. To learn more about pricing options, please visit our pricing page.

Is my information secure?

Yes, ScreenApp takes data security very seriously. We employ industry-standard security measures to protect your webinar recordings and ensure that your data remains confidential.

Can I try ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer before committing to a subscription?

Yes, we offer a free trial so you can experience the power of ScreenApp's Webinar Summarizer firsthand. Sign up for the free trial and see how quickly and easily you can summarize your webinars.

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