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Interview Content Repurposer

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How to use ScreenApp's Interview Content Repurposer

1. Import Your Interviews

Import your interviews into ScreenApp in either audio or video format. Our platform supports various file types for maximum flexibility.

2. Transcribe Your Interviews

Use our advanced transcription capabilities to generate accurate text versions of your interviews. This written content can be used for blog posts, articles, and other written materials.

3. Extract Clips and Create Social Media Content

Identify the most engaging moments from your interviews and extract them as clips. You can easily edit and share these clips on social media platforms to promote your brand or showcase valuable insights. By repurposing your interview content in different formats, you can maximize its reach and impact.

Benefits of ScreenApp's Interview Content Repurposer

Maximize Interview Value

Repurpose interview content into multiple formats to reach wider audience and drive engagement

Simplify Content Creation

Automatically generate transcripts from interviews, saving time and effort in creating written content

Create Engaging Social Content

Easily extract video clips and transform them into engaging social media content, maximizing reach and impact

Who is ScreenApp's Interview Content Repurposer Perfect for?

Content Creators

Repurpose interviews into blog posts, articles, and scripts.


Easily share interview highlights on social media and create transcripts for future reference.


Generate a wealth of social media content and written material for your marketing campaigns.


Create engaging lesson plans and presentations using interview excerpts.

ScreenApp's Interview Content Repurposer FAQ

What is ScreenApp's Interview Content Repurposer?

A powerful tool to transform your interviews into a variety of engaging content formats.

How does it work?

Transcribe your interviews, extract key moments, and create shareable social media clips.

What are the benefits?

Maximize the value of your interviews, reach wider audiences, and save time.

Can I repurpose both audio and video interviews?

Yes, ScreenApp supports both formats.

How do I transcribe my interviews?

Simply upload your audio or video file, and our AI-powered transcription engine will do the rest.

Can I edit the transcriptions?

Yes, you can easily edit and refine the transcriptions before repurposing them.

How do I create social media clips?

Select key moments from the interview, add captions, and export them as shareable clips.

Can I integrate ScreenApp with other tools?

Yes, ScreenApp seamlessly integrates with a range of marketing and social media tools.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can try ScreenApp's Interview Content Repurposer for free for 14 days.

What type of support do you offer?

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or technical issues.

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