How to Transcribe a Google Meet Meeting (Free and 3 Easy Steps)

Transcribing customer calls and team meetings provides a valuable written record that helps businesses understand their customers, track important decisions, and train new employees.This article will give you the easiest way to transcribe your Google Meet Calls in 3 steps.

Written by
Andre Smith
Updated On
June 20, 2024

Lets cut straight to the case and show you the easiest way to transcribe a Google Meet meeting:

  1. Signup for a free ScreenApp account
  2. Click on "Record Screen" and select your Google meet. Once you're happy, click the Stop Share button.
  3. Receive your Free Transcription

How to Transcibe your Google Meet meetings

1. Signup for a free ScreenApp Account

Signup for a free ScreenApp account. ScreenApp records Google meet Meetings and automatically transcribes for free

2. Start Your Google Meet Meeting

Launch your Google Meet call in a new Google Chrome Tab

3. Click on "Screen Record"

Select the Google Meet Tab (Important: select tab to ensure audio is captured)

Recording is easy

4. Access Your Transcript

Your meeting will automatically be transcribed with the speaker identified, topics written by AI and a full summary.

Using Google Meets built-in Transcription

Turning on Transcripts

  1. Start or join a Google Meet call.
  2. Click "Activities" (bottom right corner).
  3. Select "Transcripts".
  4. Click "Start Transcription" and then "Start".


  • A transcript icon appears at the top left of the meeting when active.
  • To stop, go to "Activities" -> "Transcripts" -> "Stop Transcription" -> "Stop".
  • Transcripts stop automatically when the meeting ends.

Finding Your Transcript

  • You'll get an email with a link to the transcript after the meeting (this goes to the host, co-hosts, and whoever started the transcript).
  • It's also attached to the Google Calendar event for the meeting.

Why Transcribe Your Google Meet Calls?

  • Document Crucial Decisions: Ensure alignment and accountability by creating an accessible record of decisions made during internal meetings.
  • Pinpoint Customer Needs: Extract valuable insights into customer pain points, feature requests, and overall sentiment directly from call transcripts.
  • Onboard New Team Members: Equip new team members with real-world examples of sales objections, best practices, and successful calls for streamlined training.
  • Drive Actionable Insights: Easily highlight meeting takeaways and create follow-up tasks by reviewing clear transcripts.
  • Enhance Accessibility: Improve inclusion by providing transcripts for participants with hearing impairments or to accommodate different learning styles.

Additional Tips

  • Speak Clearly: Crisp audio is vital for accurate transcriptions. Encourage meeting participants to speak in a clear tone and minimize background noise.
  • Consider Your Target Audience: If working with non-native speakers, you might choose a specialized tool designed to manage accented speech.
  • Leverage Search Tools: Many transcription tools allow you to search within your transcripts, accelerating the retrieval of key information

Why use ScreenApp?

If you're looking for a reliable way to transcribe Google Meet calls, ScreenApp offers a more comprehensive solution than Google's built-in feature. While Google's transcription works well, it has limitations like being restricted to computers and potential accuracy issues for non-English languages.  ScreenApp excels with its seamless Google Meet integration, powerful AI-driven accuracy, user-friendly interface, real-time transcription, and speaker identification. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone needing accurate and easily searchable meeting notes.

ScreenApp effortlessly captures your screen recordings and leverages AI to transcribe, summarize and take notes of your videos and audio, making it simple to share insights with your team, clients, and prospects.

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