Benefits of using ScreenApp Enterprise Plugin for Support Ticketing and User feedback recording

SEP plugin is the best support ticket upgrade tool today allowing your stakeholders many ways to provide interactive and accurate information on system issues, system features, and even gameplay and in-game experience as and when they want. This flexibility is brought via a secure plugin-based integration to your existing system easily and affordably. Let’s take a peek at the major benefits of using ScreenApp Enterprise Plugin within your support ticket and user feedback mechanism.


  • Allows a click to record screen capture service,
  • Enables real-time cloud back up so the user does not have to manually re-upload a recording,
  • Integrates whether the system is a SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) or MMOG (Massively multiplayer game engine).
  • Integrates securely with ScreenApp enterprise cloud
  • ScreenApp Enterprise plugin is customizable and has a user-friendly interface and admin panels
  • Sort and tag videos with a system user ID and sort the recordings with tags, status, and archive old recordings.
  • Ideal screen capture for user feedback and support ticket requests for:
    • Enterprise business applications and ERP platforms.
    • Fintech and Human resource management information systems.
    • System prototyping - UI/ UX designers who want to get useful feedback.
    • Education and learning management systems providers.
    • Universities or higher learning institutes, schools, and professional learning platforms where users require support ticketing.
  • Integrates within any software application which works on a JavaScript-supported browser.
  • Works on web browser embedded technologies such as Electron or NWJS.
  • For podcast creators or other system users who want to capture full-screen recordings with the microphone or other system audio streams while screen recording.

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In the next article in this series, learn about the service overview and deployment process of ScreenApp Enterprise plugin for support ticketing.