Zoom Definition

Speaker View

Speaker View in Zoom is a feature that highlights the current speaker's video feed, making it the main focus for all participants.

What is Speaker View in Zoom?

Speaker View is a feature in Zoom that allows the user to focus on the person who is currently speaking during a video conference. When this feature is enabled, the speaker's video will be displayed in full-screen mode, while the other participants' videos will be minimized to a smaller size. This feature is particularly useful in large meetings or webinars where there are multiple speakers, as it helps the audience to stay engaged and follow the conversation more easily.

How to enable Speaker View in Zoom?

To enable Speaker View in Zoom, the user needs to click on the "Speaker View" button located in the top right corner of the screen during a video conference. Alternatively, the user can also right-click on the video of the person they want to focus on and select "Pin Video" from the drop-down menu. This will keep the selected video in full-screen mode until the user unpins it. It is important to note that only the user who enables Speaker View will see the speaker's video in full-screen mode, while the other participants will continue to see the gallery view.

What are the benefits of using Speaker View in Zoom?

Using Speaker View in Zoom has several benefits, including improved engagement, better focus, and easier communication. By focusing on the speaker's video, the audience can stay engaged and follow the conversation more easily, which can lead to better retention of information. Additionally, Speaker View can help to reduce distractions and improve focus, as the user is not constantly switching between different videos. Finally, Speaker View can also make communication easier, as the user can see the speaker's facial expressions and body language more clearly, which can help to convey emotions and tone more effectively.

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