Andre Smith

Andre Smith

Andre Smith, founder of ScreenApp, is a seasoned builder and strategist with a deep passion for technological innovation. Andre-Dean's vision for ScreenApp was born out of the desire to simplify and streamline the digital communication process. He envisages a world where meeting recordings and transcriptions are but a click away, effectively creating a video knowledgebase accessible to everyone​

Apart from his professional pursuits, Andre is a unique blend of interests and hobbies. He is an ardent enthusiast of rare plants, a gym junkie, and a self-proclaimed espresso aficionado. Always striving for growth, he finds excitement in the evolution of his professional network, recognizing the potential for these connections to drive future innovation​

Andre is also a strong advocate for transparency in the entrepreneurial journey, frequently sharing his experiences and insights through the #buildinpublic initiative on social media. His candid reflections provide a window into the trials and tribulations of startup life, giving aspiring entrepreneurs a taste of the real world of business​

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