How-to Guide

How to Record a Zoom Meeting with ScreenApp

Written by
Andre Smith
Updated on
February 6, 2024

Are you looking for a solution to record your Zoom meeting? Then look no more than ScreenApp. Regardless of whether you launch your meeting on your web browser or Zoom app, ScreenApp allows you to record your Zoom meeting conveniently. Follow along as we take you through a step-by-step process on how you can record your Zoom meeting with audio using ScreenApp in just a couple of steps.

Step 1

Host or join a Zoom meeting through your web browser or Zoom app. You can use Windows, Apple Mac/ iOS or Linux / Ubuntu as your operating system.

Step 2

Sign in to your ScreenApp account and click New Recording at the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.

Step 3

Select one of the below screen recording options from the first drop-down menu.

  • Screen Only
  • Screen and Webcam

Step 4

Select one of the below audio recording options from the second drop-down menu.

  • Microphone Audio

Step 5

Hit the Share Your Screen button.

Step 6

  1. If you are launching/joining your Zoom meeting on the Zoom app, go to the Window tab, select Zoom Meeting and hit Share
  2. If you are using a Mac to record your Zoom meeting, go to the Entire Screen, and hit share ( Make sure to keep your Zoom meeting open while the recording is going. If you switch your screens, your zoom meeting will not record continuously).

If you are launching/joining your Zoom meeting on your web browser, go to the Browser Tab (Chrome Tab), select the Zoom Meeting tab and hit Share.

Step 7

Select Start Recording to begin recording your meeting.

Step 8