Zoom Definition

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing in Zoom refers to the ability to share your computer screen with others in a virtual meeting or webinar.

What is Screen Sharing in Zoom?

Screen sharing is a feature in Zoom that allows users to share their computer screen with other participants in a meeting. This feature is particularly useful for presentations, demonstrations, and collaborations where participants need to see what is on the presenter's screen. Zoom offers several options for screen sharing, including sharing the entire screen, a specific application window, or a whiteboard. Screen sharing can be initiated by the host or co-host of the meeting, and participants can also request to share their screen if given permission by the host.

How to Use Screen Sharing in Zoom?

To use screen sharing in Zoom, first, start or join a meeting. Once in the meeting, click on the "Share Screen" button located at the bottom of the screen. From there, select the screen or application window you want to share. You can also choose to share a whiteboard or iPhone/iPad screen if applicable. Once you have selected what you want to share, click "Share" to start screen sharing. To stop screen sharing, click on the "Stop Share" button located at the top of the screen. It is important to note that the host or co-host of the meeting can control who can share their screen and can also stop screen sharing at any time.

Benefits of Screen Sharing in Zoom

Screen sharing in Zoom offers several benefits for remote collaboration and communication. First, it allows participants to see what is on the presenter's screen, making it easier to follow along with presentations and demonstrations. Second, it can increase engagement and participation by allowing participants to share their own screens and contribute to the conversation. Third, it can save time and increase productivity by allowing participants to collaborate in real-time without the need for in-person meetings. Overall, screen sharing in Zoom is a powerful tool for remote teams and individuals looking to collaborate and communicate effectively.

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