Getting Started

Request Recordings

Written by
Andre Smith
Updated on
February 6, 2024

Our video platform that can be used for various purposes, including proctoring, interviewing, or conducting tests. Our Growth and Business plans come with a feature called "Request Recording" that allows you to invite people to record a video for you. In this support article, we will explain how Request Recording works and how it can benefit you.

To use Request Recording, simply log in to your ScreenApp account and select the "Request Recording" option. You can then invite people to record a video for you by either sending them an email or a link. This feature is especially useful for organizations or businesses that require video recordings for various purposes, such as job interviews or online exams.

We understand that sometimes you may need to hide certain questions or pause the recording process during a Request Recording session. Therefore, we will be introducing the ability to pause and hide questions for video requests soon. This will allow you to tailor the recording process to your specific needs.

Additionally, once you have received the videos, you can assess them using our transcription and ScreenApp AI. Our AI can assess various aspects of the recorded video, including personality, technical skill, and knowledge of the subject. This will provide you with a more comprehensive assessment of the person's suitability for the role or task at hand.

In summary, Request Recording is an excellent feature available on our growth and business plans that allows you to invite people to record a video for you. With this feature, you can conduct interviews, tests, or proctoring sessions with ease. We are continually working to improve the feature and will soon introduce the ability to pause and hide questions. Additionally, you can assess videos using our transcription and ScreenApp AI, making the process even more seamless. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.