ScreenApp Recording Plugin Architecture

by Andre Smith
Last Updated:
September 26, 2023
ScreenApp Recording Plugin Architecture
Learn about the architecture and workflow components of the ScreenApp Recording Plugin, a powerful tool for capturing and recording screen activity.


The ScreenApp plugin is a JavaScript tool designed for seamless integration into your application, offering a quick and efficient way to enable screen recording capabilities. This guide will walk you through the architecture and workflow components of the ScreenApp Recording Plugin, allowing you to incorporate it into your application effortlessly.

Plugin Architecture

Workflow Components

The ScreenApp Recording Plugin comprises several key components that together form the recording workflow. These components include:

Recording Information

  • Record Title: Users can provide a title for their recordings.
  • Name: Capture the user's name.
  • Email: Gather the user's email for identification purposes.

Audio Settings

  • There are multiple audio modes available for sharing, including:
  • Browser Audio: Capture audio from the user's web browser.
  • Microphone Audio: Record audio from the user's microphone.
  • System Audio + Microphone Audio: Combine system and microphone audio.
  • No Audio: Record without audio.
  • Admins have the capability to control the visibility of audio options for users.

Recording Button

  • Users can initiate and stop the recording process using the recording button.

Workflow Completion

Once the user has completed the recording workflow, the video will be automatically downloaded. Users can access their recorded videos in the plugin video tab within ScreenApp. This video content is viewable by the plugin admin and other members who share access to the same space.

Getting Started

To begin utilizing the ScreenApp Recording Plugin, refer to the detailed setup instructions in the guide titled "How to Setup ScreenApp Recording Plugin." This guide will help you establish your account with ScreenApp, allowing you to integrate the plugin seamlessly into your application.

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