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While is a powerful tool for automatic transcription and note-taking, it does have some limitations that users should be aware of. One important limitation is that does not save video recordings of meetings or conversations. This means that users cannot go back and watch the video of the meeting or conversation, but can only access the text transcription and notes.

Despite this limitation, offers many useful features for meeting management and productivity. Its AI-powered transcription service can accurately transcribe voice conversations with speaker detection, making it easy to take notes and collaborate with co-workers in a meeting. OtterPilot, its AI meeting assistant, can automate meetings and help professionals increase overall productivity by generating a list of key topics and distributing it to all those invited to the meeting via email.

However, it is important to note that currently only supports English language transcription and may not accurately transcribe speakers with strong accents, background noise, or low-quality audio. Additionally, it may not be able to identify speakers accurately. Despite these limitations, remains a valuable tool for automatic transcription and note-taking, particularly for English-speaking users with clear audio recordings.

No bots needed in meetings

ScreenApp does not require bots to be present in meetings, unlike This can be beneficial for those who prefer not to have bots present during their meetings.

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Records video

ScreenApp can capture screen recordings and leverage AI to transcribe and summarize meetings and workflows. This means that users can have a video recording of their meetings in addition to the transcription.

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Better UI

According to a comparison of Happy Scribe vs Otter, ScreenApp has a better user interface than This can make it easier for users to navigate and use the software.

ChatGPT for video

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Primary Function Online Screen Recorder Voice meeting notes
AI Transcription
AI Summarization x
Screen Recording x
Webcam Recording x
Capture from Browser ✓ (specifically from Chrome) x
Personalized Recordings x
Cloud Storage Likely ✓ (not explicitly mentioned)
Web Platform
Integration with Slack x
Live Chat During Meetings x
Automated Meeting Notes x
Automated Slide Capture x
Sales Insights Extraction x
Push Notes to Salesforce x
iOS App x
Android App x
Chrome Extension x
Target Audience General users, educators, businesses Sales teams, businesses, educators, individuals

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