Zoom Definition


A participant in Zoom refers to an individual who joins a meeting or webinar using the platform.

Participant in Zoom: Definition

Participant in Zoom refers to any individual who joins a Zoom meeting or webinar. Participants can join a meeting through a link, meeting ID, or phone call. Once they join, they can interact with other participants through audio, video, and chat features. Participants can also share their screen, raise their hand to ask a question, and participate in polls or surveys. The number of participants allowed in a Zoom meeting depends on the type of account the host has and the plan they have subscribed to.

Participant Controls in Zoom

Zoom provides various controls to participants to manage their audio, video, and other settings during a meeting. Participants can mute or unmute their audio, turn on or off their video, and adjust their camera settings. They can also choose to view the meeting in full screen or gallery view, and change their display name. Participants can also leave the meeting at any time by clicking on the 'Leave Meeting' button. However, if the meeting is locked by the host, participants will not be able to join or leave the meeting until the host unlocks it.

Participant Security in Zoom

Zoom takes participant security seriously and provides various features to ensure a safe and secure meeting environment. Participants can report any inappropriate behavior or content to the host or the Zoom support team. They can also choose to enable end-to-end encryption for their meetings, which ensures that their data is protected from unauthorized access. Zoom also provides features like waiting rooms, password protection, and host controls to prevent unauthorized access to the meeting. Participants should also ensure that they are using the latest version of Zoom to avoid any security vulnerabilities.

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