OBS Definition


In OBS, a source refers to any audio, video, or image input that can be added to a scene for live streaming or recording.

What is a Source in OBS?

In OBS, a source refers to any element that can be added to a scene. This can include video and audio files, images, text, webcams, and more. Sources can be added, removed, and rearranged within a scene to create a customized layout for a live stream or recording.

Types of Sources in OBS

There are several types of sources that can be added to a scene in OBS. These include:

Using Sources in OBS

Once sources have been added to a scene in OBS, they can be manipulated in various ways. Sources can be resized, rotated, and cropped to fit the desired layout. They can also be filtered with effects such as color correction, chroma keying, and more. Additionally, sources can be grouped together and moved as a single unit, making it easier to rearrange the layout of a scene.

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