Top 10 Free Transcription Tools for 2023

by Andre Smith
Last Updated:
November 1, 2023
Top 10 Free Transcription Tools for 2023
Are you tired of spending hours transcribing audio files manually? Look no further! We've curated a list of the 10 best transcription tools that will revolutionize your workflow and save you valuable time. Say goodbye to the tedious task of typing out every word and say hello to the future of transcription in 2023. Get ready to experience the power of free transcription like never before!



At the current rate of industrial development, the need for accurate and efficient transcription facilities continues to surge. The digital age has established a unique presence in many sectors, including but not limited to, the corporate and educational sectors. Precise and timely transcriptions are necessary for effective communication. Social media is rampant with creators who make both long and short-form content, which must be transcribed for wider reach.

The transcription described in this article is the conversion of video and audio files to text. There are multiple tools available across the internet for this purpose, with unique features to cater to the needs of people in various disciplines. This article delves into the top ten best transcription tools available on the internet and provides insights into the key features of each tool. Additionally, we will be exploring the semantics of video-to-text transcription as well as the different types of transcription we often use. There will also be a section dedicated to the advantages and disadvantages of video transcription. Regardless of the field you make work in - whether you’re in content creation, education, research, or marketing - this article will enlighten you about the intricate world of transcription and offer you a holistic view of some of the best transcription tools available for use.

The two critical factors we need to consider when looking for video-to-text transcription tools are speed and accuracy because it’s equally important for the information to be accurate as it is for it to be produced efficiently. Time is of utmost importance in today’s world which is constantly changing. Businesses as well as content creators are often pressed for time with the amount of work mounted on them and they need transcription tools that offer speedy transcriptions with a quick turnaround time to ensure errors are easily dealt with. Often, people need transcriptions of important videos such as interviews, webinars, and those necessary for marketing, where accuracy cannot be compromised. Swift transcriptions must also be accurate because it’s integral for transcriptions to keep the essence of the content being discussed and ensure the user is offered as-close a look into the video or audio file without having to watch or listen to it. Both of these factors are taken into consideration in most AI-powered transcription tools available in the market. Advancements in speech recognition technology, as well as the development of language models, have proved to be greatly beneficial when creating software designed to transcribe video and audio content.

Transcriptions can be categorized into two distinct types, catering to different needs: verbatim transcription and edited transcription. Verbatim transcription attempts to transcribe based on content, with much of the information being the same; the transcription is likely to contain filler words, repetitions, and possibly non-verbal cues where necessary. This type of transcription allows no room for interpretation and is a preferred means in legal transcription as well as formal transcription where every bit of the information is necessary for the proceedings. Preservation of what’s originally spoken is preferred over contextualization because the content is often used as evidence or proof. On the contrary, edited transcription is more contextual, with a large part of the transcript being polished for errors and streamlined such that the content is specific and not sporadic. Words that are redundant, repetitive, or grammatically incorrect are likely to be removed as these transcripts are used in business and media settings where strategic information sharing is crucial for the content to be received well. Both of these transcription types are supported by the AI-powered transcription tools listed in this article. It is necessary we know what type of transcription to use as it largely affects how well our content is received by our target audience.

Top 10 Video-to-Text Transcription Tools

1. Rev - Web-based Transcription App

Rev - Web-based Transcription App

Key features:

  • High-quality transcriptions
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Web-based platform
  • Multiple file format support
  • Competitive pricing

Rev is a web-based transcription app equipped to provide accurate and efficient transcription services. With an extensive network of professional transcribers, it boasts a high accuracy rate and offers translation of transcripts in over 12 languages including Mandarin Chinese and Arabic. It has a fast turnaround rate and provides timely delivery, often within 24 hours. Its user-friendly interface makes uploading, managing, and reviewing easy even for first-time users.

However, it is worth noting that the free trial offered by Rev is quite limiting as it is short-termed. In recent months, Rev has taken the initiative to introduce Ai transcription but this practice is fairly new within the app, meaning a large portion of the transcription depends on humans, who may be able to ensure accuracy but may be more prone to subjectivity as it is human nature to interpret data. From the two types of transcription mentioned above, Rev is aligned with verbatim transcription, which may not be ideal in a corporate setting.

Rev is considered a reliable transcription tool for its efficacy and it is an excellent tool for those who may be new to transcription.

2.Trint - Content Editor

Trint - Content Editor  transcription tool

Key Features:

  • Automated transcription
  • Interactive transcript editor
  • Speaker identification
  • Search and keyword tagging
  • Integration with other tools

Trint is a transcription tool that offers a multitude of exciting features and has garnered quite an accolade for its easy-to-navigate interface. It offers an automated transcription feature that is powered by speech recognition technology; this allows for efficient transcription of both audio and video files, especially for those who may be in a time crunch. It offers both verbatim transcription as well as edited transcription, which makes it a unique tool that can be used in various fields of work. With an inbuilt interactive editing system in place, it allows for the syncing of audio and video with the transcription text.

While it offers impeccable efficiency, Trint is limited in its ability to transcribe data accurately, particularly in instances where audio files may contain accents or be complex with multiple people talking over one another. This requires users to employ some manual transcription as a result. Given its feature-rich build, Trint is relatively pricier than most other transcription tools, which makes it quite inaccessible to individuals who may have a tight budget to work with.

Although Trint is fairly advanced and well-equipped to transcribe audio and video files, users must consider the possibility of inaccurate transcription when utilizing its services.

3. ScreenApp - Online Screen Recorder & AI Transcription

ScreenApp - Online Screen Recorder & AI Transcription

Key Features:

  • Screen recording
  • Easy sharing and collaboration
  • Real-time transcription
  • Customizable playback controls
  • Export options

ScreenApp is a transcription tool that simplifies transcription, especially with video and screen recordings. Initially designed as software to record screens, ScreenApp is equipped with AI technology to transcribe audio and video files of webinars, tutorials, and content that requires sharing of a screen. Using AI that is leveraged with advanced speech recognition ensures that the transcription generated is accurate and reliable. With a fairly user-friendly interface, it is easy to use for both tech-savvy users and those who may be new to such software.

ScreenApp provides time-saving features unlike other transcription tools; the automatic timecode alignment feature ensures that the transcription aligns with the timestamps of the video, making it easier to follow along. This feature is particularly useful for editors and reviewers, along with the feature that allows for the customization of output formats. Users can choose from multiple formats such as subtitles, captions, or plain texts, as fit for the platform they may want to upload their content onto.

ScreenApp is good at transcribing screen recordings, but it may not be as easy to use with other video or audio formats. Because it uses speech recognition-based technology, it can be highly reliant on audio quality; a dip in the quality of the audio file may tamper with the accuracy of the transcription.

It is still a valuable tool for transcription that can provide users with accurate and timely transcripts which can then be adapted into other formats in both corporate and personal settings.

4. - Voice Meeting Notes & Real-Time Transcription - Voice Meeting Notes & Real-Time Transcription

Key Features:

  • AI-powered transcription
  • Multi-device synchronization
  • Voice recognition and punctuation
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Advanced search and organization employs AI technology to transcribe audio and video recordings into text. This automated process helps users save time, and a considerable amount of the process is manned by the software rather than the user. Like other transcription tools mentioned in this list, uses speech recognition technology to recognize speech patterns and words for transcription, which adds to the accuracy of the transcription.

Real-time transcription is a unique feature offered by to automate transcription during real-time meetings and events, making it easier for users to take notes and provide meeting attendees a chance to collaborate with other participants. Additionally, the in-built search function allows users to look for keywords in the transcript, which increases the efficiency of the task. Unlike other tools on this list, offers synchronous transcription across multiple devices, which increases the accessibility of this tool and enables editors to work on the transcripts at their own pace. offers a free plan but advanced features are behind a paywall. Extensive transcription cannot be done using the free plan, which is an inconvenience to users. Like other tools that work with speech recognition technology, audio quality plays a large role in the accuracy of the transcript. Background noise and any speech defects of the speaker can greatly affect the quality of the output. While provides tools for editing, it is largely focused on providing verbatim transcription, which may not be appropriate for certain formats. is convenient and provides some unique advantages, however, it is still wise to consider the cons before using it for professional purposes.

5. Nova A.I - Simple Online Video Editing

Nova A.I - Simple Online Video Editing

Key Features

  • Speech recognition accuracy
  • Customizable formatting
  • Secure and confidential
  • Automatic language detection
  • Integration with productivity tools

Nova A.I is a web-based transcription tool that utilizes AI technology to produce fast and accurate transcriptions of both video and audio files. It is remarkably accurate in its transcriptions as it is powered by AI, and it has the unique ability to identify and recognize speakers and attribute dialogue to each speaker quite accurately. This allows for the transcripts to be organized and easier to integrate into documentation.

Its fast turnaround time allows for efficient work and makes the process of creating content rather quick. It provides users with the ability to customize the format of the transcript, by adjusting paragraphs and fonts as desired.

Nova A.I is secure and ensures utmost confidentiality with the data it transcribes. However, it is on the pricier end of the spectrum and can be difficult to use for users with limited budgets. Because of Nova A.I was created for verbatim transcription, it requires additional and extensive editing to make the transcript specific and contextual. Much like most AI-powered transcription tools, Nova A.I cannot create accurate transcripts if the audio quality is poor.

While it is a relatively advanced transcription tool, with some excellent features such as speaker identification and customizable formatting, it is still fairly pricey which can deter novices from using it.

6. Speechmatics - Speech-to-Text API

Speechmatics - Speech-to-Text API

Key Features:

  • Wide language support
  • Real-time and batch transcription
  • Custom vocabulary and models
  • API Access
  • Real-time streaming

Speechmatics is an ingenious tool equipped with speech recognition software, allowing it to convert audio and video recordings into text. The accuracy of the transcripts made using Speechmatics is courtesy of the AI used. There are minimal errors and it supports multiple languages such that global companies and businesses are able to make use of it for their transcription needs.

The transcripts are customizable and can be integrated into other platforms for review and collaboration, enabling the incorporation of the transcripts in spaces where other workflows may already exist. Unlike other tools mentioned in this list, Speechmatics offers scalability, which makes it ideal to use for small and large projects alike.

As with most advanced tools in the market, the pricing of Speechmatics is relatively high, which reduces its accessibility to users. Additionally, its user interface is rather complex and can be difficult to navigate for first-time users. It isn’t exceptionally apt at identifying different speakers, so the potential for error is quite high where unique accents and multiple speakers may be present.

However, its customizability and multilingual transcription make it a formidable transcription tool worth investing in.

7. Descript - All-in-one Video Editing & Podcast Editing

Descript - All-in-one Video Editing & Podcast Editing

Key Features:

  • Audio and video editing
  • Text-based editing
  • Collaboration and version control
  • Overdub feature
  • Publishing and sharing options

Descript provides transcription facilities in combination with audio and video editing features. While many transcription tools focus on providing verbatim transcription, Descript allows for innovative editing, such that users can edit the text of the transcription in sync with the audio or video file. It encourages collaborative work by offering features such as multi-user collaboration on the transcript so the editing and reviewing process is streamlined and contained in one place.

The video and audio files supported by Descript are extensive, ranging from interviews and webinars to podcasts and presentations. It has an in-built feature that allows for the labeling of speakers, making the transcript more organized and easier to read. Because Descript facilitates the editing of audio and video files, the transcripts created can easily be integrated into other platforms such as Adobe and Final Cut for a seamless transition of data.

Descript has a free plan which all users are welcome to use, however, some of its advanced features are only available upon subscription, which limits the accessibility of the tool. With its many in-built features and advanced facilities, new users are more likely to feel overwhelmed by the interface.

While largely comprehensive, and very advanced with its facilitation of editing alongside transcription, Descript is still quite difficult for people unfamiliar with tech to navigate and its accuracy is susceptible to error given its main focus is allowing users to edit the transcripts created.

8. GoTranscript - Best Audio & Video Transcription Services

GoTranscript - Best Audio & Video Transcription Services

Key Features:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Multiple file format support
  • Human transcribers
  • Confidentiality and security
  • Competitive Pricing

GoTranscript offers transcriptions for audio and video files. GoTranscript delivers accurate and efficient transcriptions and offers a fast turnaround time, allowing users to meet deadlines without much worry. This tool supports multiple languages, ensuring global accessibility.

GoTranscript is fairly affordable compared to other transcription tools, which adds to its usability without compromising the quality of the transcripts produced. Additionally, the GoTranscript Customer Support is considered impeccable, offering users the ability to reach out about any areas of concern.

However, it is fairly difficult to edit the transcripts once generated as it is built to create verbatim transcripts any further edits would require the user to purchase additional software. GoTranscript is also limited in its ability to integrate the transcripts into other platforms, often requiring manual transfers, which can be time-consuming.

GoTranscript is reliable but users may need to reconsider purchasing it as it offers very limited editing options. They can be limited in their ability to integrate information, despite being one of the most affordable options off this list.

9. TranscribeMe - Fast & Accurate Human Transcription

TranscribeMe - Fast & Accurate Human Transcription

Key Features:

  • Crowd-powered transcription
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Multilingual support
  • Transcription editor
  • Integration options

TranscribeMe offers accurate text transcriptions for both video and audio files. It uses a combination of AI technology and human reviews to create transcriptions that are highly accurate. The fast turnaround time ensures users receive their transcription within a short time, proving its efficiency as a transcription tool.

Unlike other tools on this list, TranscribeMe is able to transcribe audio and video files into many formats; verbatim is its default format but it offers users the ability to transcribe the data into clean reads and allows for editing. The transcriptions created are therefore unique and specific, to meet their requirements which may be industry-specific. TranscribeMe is often used in academic spaces for its specificity. The data shared during transcription is secured and held under strict measures of confidentiality to ensure the privacy of users is safeguarded.

TranscribeMe prioritizes data confidentiality and security, employing strict measures to safeguard user data and ensure privacy throughout the transcription process. However, it is relatively pricier than most other tools, which can limit its reach among users.

TranscribeMe offers many transcription options and caters to the needs of many industries, but there are cost considerations to be made.

10. HappyScribe - Audio Transcription & Video Editing

HappyScribe - Audio Transcription & Video Editing

Key Features:

  • Automated transcription
  • Multilingual support
  • Easy-to-use editor
  • Timestamps and speaker labels
  • Export options

HappyScribe is a tool that offers accurate transcriptions for video and audio files. With the help of speech recognition software, it generates transcriptions that are reliable and can be utilized in multiple formats. It supports many languages, allowing for global outreach.

HappyScribe has a user-friendly interface that allows even first-time users to feel comfortable and at ease. It offers an array of tools for editing which help finetune the transcriptions and correct any errors that may have occurred during the process. HappyScribe is in-built with a function that generates both captions and subtitles, which enables content creators to distribute their content to larger groups of people.

As it uses speech recognition software, there may be lapses in transcription where the audio isn’t clear, this can affect the accuracy of the transcript. HappyScrbe was built for verbatim transcription, which limits customization and is difficult for users to integrate into other platforms. HappyScribe has a considerably pricey structure as it charges on a per-minute basis, which is not optimal and can be quite inconvenient for users transcription larger volumes of data.

ToolKey FeaturesProsConsRev- High-quality transcriptions- Fast turnaround time- Limited free trial- Web-based platform- Multiple file format support- Reliance on human transcription- Competitive pricing- User-friendly interface- Aligned with verbatim transcriptionTrint- Automated transcription- Interactive transcript editor- Inaccuracy with accents and multiple speakers- Speaker identification- Integration with other tools- Relatively higher pricing- Search and keyword taggingScreenApp- Screen recording- Time-saving features (automatic timecode alignment)- Limited support for other video/audio formats- Easy sharing and collaboration- Customizable playback controls- Reliance on audio quality- Real-time transcription- Export AI-powered transcription- Real-time transcription and collaboration- Free plan limitations- Multi-device synchronization- Advanced search and organization- Accuracy dependent on audio quality and speech defects- Voice recognition and punctuationNova A.I- Speech recognition accuracy- Customizable formatting- Relatively higher pricing- Secure and confidential- Automatic language detection- Extensive editing required for context- Automatic language detection- Integration with productivity tools- Accuracy dependent on audio qualitySpeechmatics- Wide language support- Real-time and batch transcription- Complex user interface- Custom vocabulary and models- Scalability- Inaccuracy with accents and multiple speakersDescript- Audio and video editing- Text-based editing alongside transcription- Advanced features behind paywall- Collaboration and version control- Multi-user collaboration- Overwhelming interface for new users- Overdub featureGoTranscript- Fast turnaround time- Multiple file format support- Limited editing options- Human transcribers- Competitive pricing- Limited integration options- Confidentiality and securityTranscribeMe- Crowd-powered transcription- Quick turnaround time- Relatively higher pricing- Multilingual support- Transcription editor- Integration optionsHappyScribe- Automated transcription- Multilingual support- Lapses in transcription accuracy- Easy-to-use editor- User-friendly interface- Difficult to integrate into other platforms- Timestamps and speaker labels- Captions and subtitles generation- Pricing is on a per-minute basis


The need for accurate transcription done in a timely manner continues to be at the forefront of reasons why AI-powered transcription is constantly in development. This article has listed and reviewed ten of the best video-to-text transcription tools available in the market and brought a focus to the things users need to consider when looking for transcription tools.

Of the ten tools, we find a pattern of the best contenders being AI-powered and flexible in their transcription; they give leeway for edits, have unique features such as the keyword search feature, and even allow for smooth integration of data into other platforms. A consistent weakness of all the tools appears to be the insistence on good audio quality, as speech-recognition software is still fairly new and in need of further development.

In a future that’s not too distant, AI-powered technology will likely be at the forefront of transcription, among other things, as it is already being used in several industries. The development of such tools allows humans to focus on perfecting the content rather than spending time and effort to create it. With that being said, much of AI technology refers to the reviewing and editing made by humans because we have many nuances, like our voices, that don’t translate well when automated by artificial intelligence.

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