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Free Audio Paraphrasing Tool

Easy to Use

Upload your audio file and let our AI paraphrasing tool do the rest. It's that simple!

Accurate Results

Our tool uses advanced AI algorithms to deliver accurate paraphrased text that captures the meaning of your original audio.

Save Time & Effort

Stop wasting time manually paraphrasing. Our tool allows you to paraphrase audio quickly and efficiently, freeing up your time for other tasks.

Benefits of ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser

Time-Saving Paraphrasing

Instantly summarise audio into clear and concise text, saving you hours of manual transcription and paraphrasing.

Improved Understanding

Generate easy-to-understand summaries from complex audio, ensuring you grasp the key points effortlessly.

Increased Accessibility

Make audio content available to those with hearing impairments or language barriers by providing accurate text transcripts.

Enhanced Note-Taking

Effortlessly capture and organise key insights from presentations, lectures, and interviews by automatically generating written notes.

Research and Analysis

Quickly analyse audio content for research or data extraction, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Who is ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser Perfect for?


Easily summarize lectures, take notes, and enhance understanding without missing important details.


Effortlessly paraphrase audio interviews, research transcripts, and scholarly content to streamline analysis.

Content Creators

Quickly summarize podcasts, videos, and audio recordings to create engaging and informative content.

Business Professionals

Paraphrase meeting minutes, presentations, and client calls to improve communication and save time.

Anyone Seeking to Improve Comprehension

Enhance your listening skills, retain information better, and improve your overall understanding of spoken content.

ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser FAQ

Is ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser free to use?

Yes, ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser is completely free to use.

What file formats does ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser support?

ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser supports MP3, WAV, M4A, and OGG audio files.

What languages does ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser support?

ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser currently supports over 120 languages.

How accurate is ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser?

ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser uses advanced AI technology to provide accurate paraphrases.

Can I download the paraphrased audio?

Yes, you can download the paraphrased audio file in MP3 format.

What are the benefits of using ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser?

ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser can help you:

  • Understand audio content better
  • Summarize audio content
  • Translate audio content
  • Create notes and transcripts

How do I use ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser?

To use ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser, simply upload your audio file and select the desired output language.

What are some use cases for ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser?

ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser can be used for a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Creating transcripts for podcasts, lectures, and interviews
  • Summarizing audio content for students and researchers
  • Translating audio content for language learners

Is ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser secure?

Yes, ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser is secure and your audio files are never shared with any third parties.

What is the maximum file size for ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser?

The maximum file size for ScreenApp's Audio Paraphraser is 100MB.