Announcing New ScreenApp AI Features

Competitors making noise about their powerful new AI features? Don't worry, ScreenApp isn't just keeping up – we're pushing ahead! We've got a whole suite of cutting-edge AI tools to streamline your work, supercharge your meetings, and transform the way you handle information. Get ready to experience a serious workflow upgrade!

ScreenApp Team
March 21, 2024

Your Smarter Meeting Assistant

Dreading those long, detail-heavy sync meetings and the tedious note-taking afterward? ScreenApp AI has your back. Think of it as your super-efficient meeting assistant, capturing every word and turning it into actionable insights.

  • Summarizes meetings on the fly: Get an instant, concise meeting summary without poring over lengthy transcripts.
  • Identifies key action items: No more missed deadlines! ScreenApp AI pinpoints tasks and follow-ups.
  • Organizes notes effortlessly: Project details, important takeaways, and talking points are neatly sorted.
  • Integrates seamlessly: Sync your AI-powered summaries with your favorite platforms like Notion or Confluence.

Get Instant Answers from Any Meeting

Don't have time to review the whole meeting recording? We get it! With Ask AI, you can query your meeting transcripts like you'd chat with a knowledgeable colleague.

  • Pinpoint specific information: "What did Sarah say about the project budget?"
  • Clarify complex topics: "Can you explain the technical aspects of the proposal?"
  • Create mini-briefs: "Summarize the client's main concerns."

Video Summarizer: Condense Videos into Key Takeaways

Video meetings and presentations are great, but sifting for the main points later can be a drag. ScreenApp's Video Summarizer makes it a breeze.

  • AI-powered precis: Get a smart summary of any video's most important moments.
  • Time-saver extraordinaire: Perfect for long webinars, training sessions, or product demos.
  • Enhanced understanding: Focus on the big picture without sweating the small stuff.

ScreenApp AI Notetaker: Capture Insights from Interviews

The hiring process is already busy enough without piles of interview notes. Let ScreenApp AI Notetaker revolutionize your interview workflow.

  • Candidate snapshots: Get AI-generated overviews of candidates, including skills, experience, and salary expectations.
  • Interview recaps: Receive concise interview summaries highlighting key questions and candidate responses.
  • Make better decisions: Easily compare candidates and gain deeper insights.

Not Just New Features, a Smarter Workflow

ScreenApp's AI-powered tools aren't just a bunch of shiny features; they're about transforming the way you work:

  • Save hours of time: Eliminate manual summaries, note-taking, and video reviewing.
  • Focus on what matters: Let AI handle the busywork, so you can focus on strategy and decision-making.
  • Unlock supercharged collaboration: Share AI-generated notes and summaries with your team for seamless alignment.

Ready to make your workday smarter, not harder? Supercharge your productivity with ScreenApp's incredible AI capabilities. Sign up for your free account today and experience the difference!

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