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  • Real-time transcription: Get accurate transcripts of your webinars as they happen.
  • Easy to use: Simply upload your webinar recording and let ScreenApp do the rest.
  • Affordable and accessible: No hidden fees or per-minute charges.


How to Transcribe Transcribe Online Webinarss

Looking to transcribe your webinar effortlessly? With the rise of digital content, making your webinars accessible and shareable through transcription is invaluable. ScreenApp is here to simplify this process. As an advanced AI-driven webinar transcription service, ScreenApp promises accuracy and efficiency. Follow this comprehensive guide to make the most of this platform:

1. Register on ScreenApp

If you're new to ScreenApp, kickstart the process by signing up for a free account

2. Uploading is a Breeze

After you're logged in, upload your webinar recording. Whether it's an MP4, MKV, or other formats, ScreenApp has got you covered. If you wish to transcribe live, simply hit the 'new recording' button.

3. Customize Your Transcription

After uploading, tailor your transcription experience by selecting:

  • Preferred language.
  • Speaker identification – especially useful for webinars with multiple voices.
  • Desired output format – from Word docs and PDFs to SRTs for subtitling needs.

4. Let AI Do the Magic

With your preferences set, initiate the transcription. Relax as ScreenApp seamlessly transcribes your content. Upon completion, a prompt notification will alert you.

5. Perfect Your Transcript

Dive into the transcription once done. ScreenApp ensures that your content is easy to navigate and search. Tweak, modify, or adjust as you see fit.

6. Ready to Share? Export Away!

Happy with the final version? Choose from a range of export options like Word, PDF, plain text, or even SRT for those subtitles.

Expert Tips for a Flawless Transcription Experience:

  • Audio Clarity is Key: Ensure your webinar recording boasts of clear audio. This enhances transcription accuracy.
  • Mark Your Speakers: When dealing with multiple voices, specifying them aids ScreenApp in crafting precise transcripts.
  • Proofread: Before sharing or using the transcript, skim through it. Even AI can occasionally miss nuances. A quick check ensures top-notch accuracy.

By following this guide, you're set to transform your webinars into accessible content pieces, amplifying their reach and impact. Happy transcribing with ScreenApp!

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Why use ScreenApp to Transcribe Transcribe Online Webinarss?

ScreenApp is a powerful AI-powered webinar transcription service that can help you save time and improve your productivity. By automatically transcribing your webinars, ScreenApp can make it easier for you to:

  • Search and navigate through your webinar content: ScreenApp's transcripts are searchable and navigable, so you can easily find the information you need, even in long webinars.
  • Share your webinar content with others: ScreenApp transcripts can be exported in a variety of formats, so you can easily share them with others, such as students, colleagues, or clients.
  • Improve your webinar accessibility: ScreenApp transcripts can help make your webinars more accessible to people with hearing impairments.

Here are some additional benefits of using ScreenApp to automatically transcribe webinars:

  • Accuracy: ScreenApp's AI transcription technology is very accurate, especially for webinars with clear audio.
  • Ease of use: ScreenApp is very easy to use. Simply upload your webinar recording or provide the webinar URL, and ScreenApp will transcribe the webinar for you instantly.
  • Affordability: ScreenApp offers a variety of affordable plans to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use webinar transcription service, ScreenApp is the perfect choice for you. With ScreenApp, you can save time, improve your productivity, and make your webinars more accessible to everyone.

ScreenApp Transcribe Online Webinars FAQ

What is ScreenApp's webinar transcription service?

ScreenApp's webinar transcription service uses AI technology to automatically transcribe webinars into text. This makes it easy for users to search and navigate through the video content, and to save time by taking notes automatically.

How does ScreenApp's webinar transcription service work?

To transcribe a webinar using ScreenApp, simply upload the webinar recording to the platform. ScreenApp's AI technology will then automatically transcribe the audio into text, providing you with a ready-to-use transcript in no time.

What formats can I export my webinar transcript in?

ScreenApp allows you to export your webinar transcript in a variety of formats, including:

  • Word document
  • Plain text file
  • PDF file
  • SRT file (for subtitles)

Can I transcribe webinars from YouTube or other services using ScreenApp?

Yes, you can easily transcribe webinars from YouTube or other services using ScreenApp. Simply use ScreenApp's AI screen recorder to record the webinar while it is playing on your screen. Once recorded, you can upload the video to ScreenApp for automated transcription.

How much does ScreenApp's webinar transcription service cost?

ScreenApp offers a free account of its webinar transcription service. After your free trial ends, you can choose from a variety of paid plans to suit your needs.

How accurate is ScreenApp's webinar transcription service?

ScreenApp's webinar transcription service is very accurate, especially for webinars with clear audio. However, it is important to note that no transcription service is perfect, and there may be some errors in the transcript.

How can I get started with ScreenApp's webinar transcription service?

To get started with ScreenApp's webinar transcription service, simply create an account on the ScreenApp website. Once you have an account, you can upload your webinar recording or provide the webinar URL. ScreenApp will then transcribe the webinar for you instantly.