Google Meet Definition


Polls in Google Meet are interactive surveys used to gather opinions or feedback from participants during a virtual meeting.

What are Polls in Google Meet?

Polls in Google Meet are a feature that allows meeting hosts to create and conduct surveys or questionnaires during a video call. This feature is particularly useful for gathering feedback, opinions, or preferences from participants in real-time. Polls can be created before or during a meeting, and participants can respond to them using their computer or mobile device. The results of the poll are displayed to the host in real-time, allowing them to make informed decisions or adjust the meeting agenda accordingly.

How to Create Polls in Google Meet?

To create a poll in Google Meet, the host must first enable the Polls feature in the meeting settings. Once enabled, the host can create a new poll by clicking on the Polls icon in the meeting controls. The host can then add questions and answer options to the poll, and choose whether to allow participants to see the results or keep them hidden. Once the poll is created, the host can launch it during the meeting and participants can respond to it in real-time. After the poll is closed, the host can view the results and share them with the participants if desired.

Benefits of Using Polls in Google Meet

Polls in Google Meet offer several benefits for both hosts and participants. For hosts, polls provide a quick and easy way to gather feedback and opinions from participants, which can help them make informed decisions or adjust the meeting agenda accordingly. Polls can also help hosts engage participants and keep them focused during the meeting. For participants, polls provide an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions in real-time, which can help them feel more involved and invested in the meeting. Polls can also help participants stay engaged and focused during the meeting, as they provide a break from passive listening and encourage active participation.

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