OBS Definition


Overlay in OBS refers to an image or video layer that is placed on top of the main content being broadcasted.

What is an Overlay in OBS?

An overlay in OBS refers to a graphic element that is placed on top of a video or image source. It can be used to add branding, logos, text, or other visual elements to a live stream or recording. Overlays can be created using image editing software and then imported into OBS as a media source. They can also be created within OBS using the built-in tools, such as the text and image sources.

How to Add an Overlay in OBS?

To add an overlay in OBS, first, you need to create or obtain the graphic element you want to use. Then, in OBS, add a new media source and select the graphic file. You can then resize and position the overlay on top of your video or image source. OBS also offers tools to adjust the opacity and blend mode of the overlay, allowing you to create unique effects. Additionally, you can use OBS's scene and source management tools to easily switch between different overlays during your stream or recording.

Why Use Overlays in OBS?

Overlays can add a professional and polished look to your live stream or recording. They can also be used to promote your brand or add context to your content. For example, you could use an overlay to display your social media handles or to highlight important information during a presentation. Overlays can also be used to create a consistent visual style across your content, making it more recognizable to your audience. Overall, overlays are a powerful tool for enhancing the visual impact of your content in OBS.

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