The Top Apps to Record Lectures and Take Notes for You with AI

Lecture recording and transcription apps are transforming how students learn. These tools provide several key benefits: improved knowledge retention by capturing every detail for later review, maximized study efficiency through searchable transcripts for targeted review, and greater inclusivity for students with hearing impairments or those who learn best at their own pace.

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Lecture recorders and AI note-takers are powerful tools for students who want to capture, organize, and revisit course material effortlessly. These apps work by recording your lectures and using AI to transcribe the audio into searchable text. This allows you to quickly locate key concepts, create comprehensive study notes, and even collaborate with classmates. To help you find the best solution, we've compiled a list of the top 10 lecture recorders and AI note-takers.

Top Lecture Recorders at a Glance

Tool name Overview Pros Cons Best For Rating
ScreenApp All-in-One Solution for lecture transcription Accurate transcription, screen recording, note-taking Advanced features limited to paid plans Students, professionals, comprehensive recording ★★★★★ Real-time Transcription at Its Finest Accurate real-time transcription, speaker identification Some features limited in free version Students, professionals, speedy transcription ★★★★☆
TranscribeMe Hybrid Approach to Accurate Transcriptions Accurate transcripts, specialized services, good support Costlier than automated options, slower turnaround Researchers, lawyers, accuracy over speed ★★★★☆
Temi AI-Powered Transcription on the Go Affordable, fast turnaround, simple to use Accuracy can vary, limited features Budget users, quick transcripts, basic editing ★★★☆
Voicea Cross-Platform Transcription with Speaker Identification Available on multiple platforms, good accuracy Less intuitive, pricing for extra features Teams, collaborators, cross-platform users ★★★★☆
Rev Voice Recorder Professional Transcription with a Simple Touch Accurate human-powered transcription, affordable Slower turnaround, less editing features Accuracy prioritizers, human-verified transcript ★★★★☆
Easy Voice Recorder Simple and Effective Audio Recording with Transcription Uncluttered interface, easy to use, cloud-based Transcription is additional, basic features Basic recording and transcription needs ★★★★☆
Speechify All-in-One Speech-to-Text Solution for Lectures Accurate transcription, integrates with productivity apps Feature-rich, pricing can add up Professionals, students, productivity workflows ★★★★☆
Scribie Highly Accurate Transcription with Human Review Emphasis on accuracy (99.9%), fast turnaround Costlier than AI-only options, less real-time use Journalists, academics, accuracy prioritizers ★★★★☆
GoTranscript Affordable and Reliable Transcription Service Competitive pricing, flexible plans, good accuracy Slower than competitors, less editing features Businesses, regular transcription services ★★★★☆

Top 10 Lecture Recorders

1. ScreenApp Lecture Transcriber

ScreenApp Lecture Recorder and Transcriber is a robust transcription solution records your lectures for you and turns them into notes with AI

  • Real-time transcription: Audio from lectures or meetings is transcribed in real-time.
  • Speaker Identification: Accurately identifies different speakers within the transcript.
  • Advanced note-taking: Take detailed notes directly alongside the transcript for optimal focus and retention.
  • Accessibility and collaboration: ScreenApp's cloud-based platform ensures recordings and transcripts are accessible from anywhere and fosters collaborative work on projects.


  • Highly accurate transcriptions
  • Combines video, audio, and text for a comprehensive approach
  • Excellent note-taking features
  • Easy collaboration tools
  • Integrated ChatGPT and LLM


  • Fairly new so can have some bugs
  • Transcript Doesn't generate live.

Best for:  Students, professionals, and anyone who needs to capture and comprehensively review lectures, meetings, or presentations.

Overall Assessment: ScreenApp Lecture Transcriber is a powerful and versatile tool that makes the process of capturing and reviewing important audio content much more efficient and effective.

Rating: 4.9/5


Otter app logo is a leading solution for real-time transcription, making it an essential tool for capturing lectures, interviews, and meetings. Here's what it offers:

  • Real-time Transcription:'s core strength is its highly accurate real-time transcription, allowing you to focus on the conversation and get a text version simultaneously.
  • Speaker Identification: Easily keep track of who said what, thanks to the software's ability to differentiate between speakers.
  • Time-Synced Transcripts: Jump to specific moments in the recording with ease, as the transcript is linked precisely to the audio.
  • User-Friendly Interface:'s intuitive design makes it easy to navigate and discover its features.


  • Fast and accurate transcription, even in real-time.
  • Speaker identification for organized notes.
  • Simple, user-friendly experience.


  • Free plan may have limitations on features or minutes.
  • Offline performance may not be as reliable as online transcription.

Best For: Students, professionals, interviewers, and everyone needing fast, accurate transcription of live audio.

Overall Assessment: is a dependable and convenient choice for those who want to capture conversations effortlessly. Its focus on real-time functionality and ease of use make it a valuable asset.

Rating: 4.2/5

3. TranscribeMe: A Hybrid Approach to Accurate Transcriptions

TranscribeMe app logo

TranscribeMe distinguishes itself with a unique hybrid approach to transcription, offering the best of both worlds:

  • AI-Powered First Draft: TranscribeMe's technology provides a quick initial transcription, saving time and resources.
  • Human-Verified Accuracy: Expert transcribers meticulously review and edit the AI-generated text, guaranteeing exceptional accuracy.
  • Specialization: Offers dedicated services tailored to fields like medicine and law, where precision is paramount.
  • Customer Support: Provides solid support for any queries or assistance.


  • Unparalleled accuracy in transcription.
  • Specialized options for complex audio.
  • Reliable customer support.


  • May be pricier than purely AI-based services.
  • Human review can slightly increase turnaround time.

Best For: Researchers, legal professionals, medical practitioners, and anyone demanding the highest level of transcription accuracy.

Overall Assessment: TranscribeMe delivers consistently accurate transcripts you can trust. If precision outweighs budget or speed concerns, TranscribeMe is an excellent investment.

Rating: 4.5/5

4. Temi: AI-Powered Transcription on the Go

Temi stands out for its AI-powered transcription capabilities, providing real-time transcription of lectures with 80-85% accuracy. Its user-friendly interface and in-app editing features make it a convenient tool for capturing and managing lecture content.

Temi app logo

  • Best Feature: Speaker identification and note organization
  • Pros: Affordable, very fast turnaround, simple to use.
  • Cons: Accuracy can vary, limited features compared to some competitors.
  • Best for: Those on a budget who need quick transcripts with basic editing capabilities.
  • Personal Assessment: A good option for simple or occasional transcription needs when speed and price are top priorities.
  • Rating: 3.8/5

5. Voicea: Cross-Platform Transcription with Speaker Identification

Voicea emerges as a versatile app, offering seamless cross-platform transcription across iOS, Android, and Chrome extensions. Its ability to distinguish between speakers and generate time-synced transcripts makes it ideal for capturing lectures, meetings, and interviews.

Voicea app logo

  • Best Feature: Cloud storage and sharing
  • Pros: Available on multiple platforms, speaker identification, good accuracy.
  • Cons: Can be slightly less intuitive than some competitors, pricing structure for extra features.
  • Best for: Teams, collaborators, and anyone who needs to work with transcripts across different devices.
  • Personal Assessment: A solid choice for those who prioritize accessibility and collaboration across various platforms.
  • Rating: 4.3/5

6. Rev Voice Recorder: Professional Transcription with a Simple Touch

For those seeking a straightforward solution, Rev Voice Recorder offers a simple yet effective approach. Record your lectures using the app and then send them to professional transcriptionists for accurate text conversion.

Rev Voice Recorder app logo

  • Best Feature: Affordable professional transcription services
  • Pros: Highly accurate human-powered transcription, affordable pricing, simple and convenient to use.
  • Cons: Turnaround time is slower than real-time options, less focused on editing features within the app.
  • Best for: Anyone prioritizing maximum accuracy and willing to wait for the human-verified transcript.
  • Personal Assessment: A great option if you don't want to compromise on accuracy and prefer human review.
  • Rating: 4.6/5

7. Easy Voice Recorder: Simple and Effective Audio Recording with Transcription

Easy Voice Recorder stands out for its simplicity and ease of use, offering straightforward audio recording and transcription capabilities. Its user-friendly interface and cloud-based transcription service make it a convenient tool for capturing lectures and converting them into text.

Easy Voice Recorder app logo

  • Best Feature: Simple interface and easy-to-use features
  • Pros: Uncluttered interface, easy to use, cloud-based transcription for convenience.
  • Cons: Transcription is an additional service, features slightly more basic than dedicated transcription apps.
  • Best for: Those needing straightforward recording with the option to transcribe if needed, but without lots of extra bells and whistles.
  • Personal Assessment: If your goal uncomplicated recording with basic transcription functionality, it fits the bill.
  • Rating: 4.0/5

8. Speechify: All-in-One Speech-to-Text Solution for Lectures

Speechify emerges as a comprehensive speech-to-text solution, offering real-time transcription, note-taking, and audio editing capabilities. Its ability to transcribe lectures with high accuracy and generate speaker-identified transcripts makes it a valuable tool for students and professionals.

Speechify app logo

  • Best Feature: Integration with productivity apps
  • Pros: Accurate transcription, integrates with productivity apps, versatile features.
  • Cons: Might be more feature-rich than some need, pricing can add up with regular use.
  • Best for: Professionals, students, and anyone wanting one tool that ties transcription into broader productivity workflows.
  • Personal Assessment: A powerful option if you intend to fully utilize its capabilities beyond basic transcription.
  • Rating: 4.4/5

9. Scribie: Highly Accurate Transcription with Human Review

Scribie is a paid transcription service that offers highly accurate transcriptions of audio and video recordings. They use a team of experienced transcribers to review all transcripts manually, ensuring that they are 99.9% accurate. They offer a variety of turnaround times,

Scribie app logo
  • Best Feature: Fast and accurate transcription turnaround
  • Pros: Emphasis on accuracy (99.9%), fast turnaround options, good for specialized content.
  • Cons: Costlier than AI-only options, less focused on real-time use.
  • Best for: Journalists, academics, and anyone who simply cannot compromise on accuracy.
  • Personal Assessment: If your transcripts must be near-perfect and worth the price premium, Scribie is reliable.
  • Rating: 4.6/5

10. GoTranscript: Affordable and Reliable Transcription Service

GoTranscript is a paid transcription service that offers affordable and reliable transcriptions of audio and video recordings. They use a combination of AI and human reviewers to ensure accuracy, with a guaranteed accuracy rate of 99%. They offer a variety of turnaround times,

GoTranscript app logo
  • Best Feature: Competitive pricing and flexible plans
  • Pros: Competitive pricing, flexible plans, good accuracy (99%).
  • Cons: May be slightly slower than some competitors, less emphasis on editing features.
  • Best for: Businesses, organizations, anyone who requires regular transcription services cost-effectively.
  • Personal Assessment: A solid middle-ground if you need ongoing transcriptions but want to control costs.
  • Rating: 4.3/5

Tips For Effective Lecture Recording

Remember, even the best transcription apps rely on clear audio to produce accurate text. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your recordings are top-notch:

  • Position is Key: Sit as close to the speaker as possible to minimize background noise. Ideally, ask if you can use a clip-on microphone or place your device near the lecturer's podium.
  • Minimize Distractions: Turn off phone notifications and close any unnecessary applications that might cause sound interference.
  • Check Settings: Before recording, do a quick test to make sure the app is picking up sound and that volume levels are adequate.
  • Speak Clearly (If You're the Lecturer): Enunciate and avoid mumbling, especially when covering complex terminology.
  • Consider External Mics: If available, invest in an external microphone that plugs into your phone or laptop for improved audio quality.

Remember: Clear audio leads to accurate transcripts, saving you valuable time on editing and maximizing your study efficiency!


Lecture recording and transcription apps have revolutionized the way we capture, retain, and utilize information. By leveraging these tools, students, professionals, and individuals across various fields can enhance their learning experiences, improve productivity, and streamline their workflows. Embrace the power of technology and transform your lecture capture and transcription process today.

Additional Considerations

When selecting a lecture recording and transcription app, consider the following factors:

  • Device compatibility: Ensure the app is compatible with your device's operating system and hardware requirements.
  • Pricing plans: Evaluate various pricing models and subscription options to find a plan that aligns with your usage and budget.
  • Customer support: Assess the level of customer support offered by the app developer to ensure timely assistance when needed.
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