How to take a Screenshot and Record your Screen on a Chromebook

Ever need to record what's happening on your Chromebook screen, complete with audio? Look no further! This guide will show you how to easily capture your Chromebook screen with audio using a free and user-friendly tool. In under five seconds, you'll be on your way to creating clear and concise screen recordings.

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April 15, 2024

How to Screen Record on a Chromebook with Audio

Here's how to get started with screen recording on your Chromebook:

  1. Signup to ScreenApp:  ScreenApp is a fantastic free screen recorder extension that works seamlessly with Chromebooks.
  2. Record Your Screen:  Once installed, you'll see the ScreenApp extension icon in your Chrome toolbar. Click on the icon and select "Start Recording." ScreenApp will capture your entire screen by default.
  3. Capture Audio (Optional):  ScreenApp allows you to record audio alongside your screen capture. If you want to narrate your recording, simply click the microphone icon before hitting "Start Recording."
  4. Stop Recording:  When you're finished capturing your screen, click the ScreenApp extension icon again and select "Stop Recording."
  5. Edit and Save (Optional):  ScreenApp offers basic editing tools within the extension. You can trim your recording or add text annotations. Once you're happy, click "Save" to download your screen recording as an MP4 file.

Record your screen natively in ChromeOS

  1. Press the shortcut key (depending on your device):
    • Windows: Windows Key + Alt + R
  2. Choose what to record:
    • Entire screen
    • Part of the screen
    • A specific window
  3. Click "Stop recording" when done (usually in the bottom right corner).

How to Stop Screen Recording on a Chromebook

While using ScreenApp, simply click the extension icon and select "Stop Recording" to end your screen capture.

Where to Find Your Recordings

ScreenApp recordings are automatically saved to your computer's Downloads folder. You can also access them through the ScreenApp extension itself.

Bonus Tip!  Need to capture a specific area of your screen instead of the whole thing? ScreenApp allows you to select a specific window or portion of your screen before recording.

Taking Screenshots on Your Chromebook

While screen recording captures everything on your screen, sometimes a simple screenshot is all you need. Here's how to take screenshots on your Chromebook:

  1. Use the Keyboard Shortcut:  The quickest way to take a screenshot is with the keyboard shortcut:  Shift + Ctrl + Show windows (key with two lines above a rectangle). This captures your entire screen.
  2. Partial Screenshots:   For specific areas of your screen, use the same keyboard shortcut (Shift + Ctrl + Show windows), then click on "Partial screen" in the menu that appears. Drag the selection box to capture the desired area and click "Capture."

Where to Find Your Screenshots

Screenshots are automatically saved to your Chromebook's "Downloads" folder. They will be named with the date and time they were taken.

With these simple steps, you'll be a Chromebook screen recording and screenshot pro in no time!

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