This article explores ScreenApp's innovative screen recording features and their application in online proctoring and testing.

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ScreenApp provides seamless screen recording options for comprehensive monitoring of students during online exams. The platform employs advanced GPT AI technology to ensure transparency and detect potential academic dishonesty, such as using AI writing tools. ScreenApp's transcription feature transforms screen recordings into written documents for detailed analysis and review. It also offers secure cloud hosting for recordings and allows webcam recording to add a personal touch to proctoring. Overall, ScreenApp's feature-rich platform is positioned to revolutionize online proctoring and testing by enhancing efficiency, transparency, and academic integrity.

Testing Use Cases

  1. Ensuring integrity during online examinations.
  2. Tracking student activity for accountability.
  3. Preventing cheating through real-time monitoring.
  4. Recording AI tool usage during tests.
  5. Reviewing student progress for personalized feedback.
  6. Providing evidence for grade disputes.
  7. Facilitating collaborative review among educators.
  8. Documenting test sessions for record-keeping.
  9. Conducting remote practical assessments effectively.
  10. Verifying student identity during online tests.

With the rapid shift to online learning, the demand for effective and reliable digital proctoring solutions has surged. ScreenApp is at the forefront of this revolution, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the proctoring process while ensuring academic integrity. Let's explore these features and understand how they can be utilized for proctoring and testing.

Seamless Screen Recording for Proctoring

ScreenApp's user-friendly screen recording feature forms the bedrock of its proctoring capabilities. With just a few clicks, you can record a test-taker's entire screen, browser tab, or application window. This provides a detailed view of the student's activities during the exam, ensuring they aren't resorting to unethical practices.

AI-Enabled Insights for Fair Assessment

Incorporating advanced GPT AI technology, ScreenApp can extract valuable insights from the screen recordings. By tracking and analyzing on-screen activities during the test, it can ensure complete transparency and fairness. This also allows proctors to identify instances where AI tools may be used to generate answers, ensuring academic honesty.

Video Transcriptions for Detailed Analysis

ScreenApp's transcription capability revolutionizes how proctors can review exams. By converting the screen recording into a written document, proctors have a searchable, written record of what occurred during the test. This comprehensive document further enhances the scrutiny process and promotes accountability.

Secure Hosting for Private Access

ScreenApp understands the importance of security and privacy when it comes to proctoring. The platform allows for secure storage and sharing of recordings. The cloud backup feature ensures that your recordings are safe, shareable, and accessible at any time, making the proctoring process seamless and worry-free.

Personal Touch with Webcam Recording

ScreenApp also allows proctors to add a personal touch to their recordings by turning on their webcam. This feature helps establish a more human connection with test-takers, alleviating some of the stress associated with online testing.

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