What issues can be screen-captured with the ScreenApp Enterprise Plugin

Are you looking for better ways to help your customers let you know when your enterprise applications or business process automation systems encounter troubleshooting situations? SEP by Screen recording and screen capture giant ScreenApp.io is the perfect way to let your SaaS or PaaS users show you exactly what’s going on in their screens.


SEP is great for cloud-native and web first enterprise system users to inform enterprise support teams:

  • System bugs
  • System errors
  • Feature reviews and user interface reviews of software products
  • System configuration problems
  • User interface upgrades and tweak requirements
  • System navigation, System interaction, and user experience (UI/UX) issues
  • Product reviews and podcast recording

And a lot more depending on how your customers interact with your digital services.

So If you had any doubts about which issues SEP can record for your support ticketing process, hope this has cleared the air a little. We are here 24/7 to help you understand SEP even better, so contact us now .

In the next article in this series, learn what benefits SEP (the best screen recording powered system support screen capture solution) can offer you and your customers.

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