The biggest and most important step after hiring and acquisition of talent for your organization is training them. Training phase gives the new employees a better perspective of your company’s professionalism and how well your company is organized when it comes to the functional area. New employees need to have a better understanding of how things work at your company. Usually training and coaching them to adapt to your system happens in large batches. Be it applying for leave through your Human Resource System platform or even guiding the newbies through your backend of your site, a screen recorder will be the best solution. This could work two ways, either you can screen record the procedure or the trainee can screen record and have it for their reference. Without choosing a software that has to be downloaded and installed, go for the FREE web based screen recorder


For instance, as trainer when preparing the presentation include a demo video of you going through the whole procedure of your subject step by step which will give a clear understanding for the viewer/trainee. Demo video could be created by screen recording the process through Choose to share your tab, entire screen or window with a choice of browser audio, microphone audio or no audio at all. Once done, download your video and include it to your presentation. is one of the best screen recorders available online which works well on any operating systems. Be it MAC or Windows 10, record without an extra hassle of downloading a software or installing a plugin to your browser. If you want to step up your game in presentation skills then mark as one of the essential tool.