Screen recorders play an important role during the pandemic when you’ve got to work from home, especially with back to back meetings online and creating presentations. Web based screen recorders come in handy for references and to use as clippers in your presentation and it’s a winner if it supports audio as well. There are many screen recorders out there in the market and they have their own policies and code of conduct which they strictly follow or else they are subject to being banned or even worse like getting their company locked down. However, many screen capturing software come across as viruses and malware by many Anti-Malware detecting software. Due to this, there is always a chance that the screen recorder is actually recording your screen and grabbing your personal data when you are not actually recording. This instance occurs when the website or application you used to record your screen is not trustworthy. Hence, it is recommended that you do not download any pirated versions of screen recorders or software from any third-party websites.


The safest kind are the ones that are web based screen recorders which gets the job done easily and for FREE. In that case, is recommended. It is a web based screen recorder where you are given the option of recording with microphone audio, browser audio or no audio at all. You can now screen record through your web browser on your windows or mac PC without any additional downloads, plugins or configuration. You can work with multiple tabs without hindering the web based recorder while its running. By far this seems to be the best and free screen recorder in the market. The interface is very user friendly and the steps to follow is as easy as your kid could even use it for school projects. Once you are done recording, you can either trim it and download or just download the whole recording at once. Visit, share your screen and start recording.