Written by
Andre Smith
Updated on
June 13, 2024

As a video platform, we understand the importance of keeping your videos safe and accessible. That's why we offer cloud sync as an option for our Growth and Business accounts.

Cloud sync allows you to store your videos securely in the cloud, ensuring that they are backed up and easily shareable. To check if a video is uploaded to the cloud, simply look for the little cloud icon next to the video.

For our free plans, videos are stored in the browser cache. While this is convenient, it also means that if you use a different browser, account, or clear your cache, you will lose your video. That's why we highly recommend using the cloud sync option to ensure your videos are safe and accessible.

One of the benefits of storing your videos in the cloud is the ability to transcribe and summarize them. This can save you time and make your videos more accessible to others. Additionally, with our powerful search feature, you can search the content of your transcribed videos, making it easy to find specific information.

Lastly, we offer a unique feature called ChatGPT that allows you to transform any video into useful information. This can be a great tool for creating summaries, extracting key points, and more.